2023 LinkedIn Demographics That Will Shape Your Strategy


Whether you’re trying to get new clients, recruit top talent, or build up your brand awareness, LinkedIn is the place to be for B2B marketers. Over 950 million business people use LinkedIn, making it the largest professional social network in the world.

How does your target demographic use LinkedIn? How should you tailor your content to find the right people? Is your target audience even on LinkedIn?

Answers to those questions and more below, plus all the freshest LinkedIn demographic stats you need to know for your 2023 LinkedIn marketing strategy.

LinkedIn age demographics

60% of LinkedIn users are between 25 and 34 years old

Millennials make up the majority of LinkedIn’s user base worldwide, with the 18-24 age group coming in second at 21.7%, and people ages 35-54 coming in third at 15.4%. Only 2.9% of people over 55 use LinkedIn.

age demographics of LinkedIn users

Source: Statista

LinkedIn ads reach 15.3% of the global 18+ population

That’s about 857 million LinkedIn users, or just under 1/6th of everyone over 18 worldwide. Plus, LinkedIn ad reach is growing: up 8.4% in 2022 vs. 2021.

LinkedIn advertising audience overview

Source: Hootsuite Digital Trends 2022 report

40% of people ages 30-49 read news on LinkedIn

That’s almost tied for first spot with Reddit (41%) as the most popular social media platform for accessing news content for people ages 30-49.

While it’s not the top spot for news for Gen Z, LinkedIn ranked higher than Facebook and almost as high as YouTube.

demographic profiles and party identification of regular social media news consumers in the U.S.

Source: Pew Research

LinkedIn users ages 16-64 are the most likely to also use Reddit and Facebook than other social media users

25.3% of LinkedIn users are also on Reddit and 87.6% also use Facebook, the highest percentage out of users across all other social platforms.

LinkedIn members are also highly likely to use Instagram (82.6%), YouTube (75.5%), and TikTok (50.6%).

social media platform audience overlaps

Source: Hootsuite Digital Trends 2022 report

LinkedIn gender demographics

57.2% of LinkedIn users identify as men

The options for this survey were limited to those identifying as either men or women, so the remaining 42.8% said they identify as women. Hopefully future surveys will include data on users of all gender identities.

LinkedIn gender demographics

Source: Statista

LinkedIn ads reach one-third of men ages 25-34

Ad reach by gender is fairly even except for the 25-34 age category, where LinkedIn ads reach significantly more men than women at 33.1% vs. 24.4%.

The survey source for this data only provided options for “female” or “male” genders, therefore is limited in representing everyone on LinkedIn, though something to keep in mind if this age range is part of your target audience.

LinkedIn advertising audience profile

Source: Hootsuite Digital Trends 2022 report

1.6% of LinkedIn users are likely transgender or nonbinary

While this stat isn’t specific to LinkedIn, it’s likely representational of people on LinkedIn, too — at least Americans on LinkedIn. A Pew Research survey estimates an average of about 1.6% of U.S. adults are transgender or nonbinary, though 5.1% of people ages 18-29 self-described as such.

in U.S. young adults are the most likely to be transgender or nonbinary

Source: Pew Research

LinkedIn income demographics

80% of LinkedIn users drive business decisions

There’s a reason so many B2B marketers use LinkedIn. Where else can you reach such a high percentage of decision makers or decision influencers with your organic content marketing efforts? Or have confidence in who your paid ads are reaching? (Nowhere.)

53% of U.S. LinkedIn users are high income earners

In the most recent data available, a survey found over half (53%) of U.S.-based LinkedIn users earned a high income in 2022, whereas 29% fell into the middle income category, and 17% into the low income category.

distribution of income earners on LinkedIn

Source: Statista

But what income ranges do “high, medium, and low” actually translate to? That study doesn’t say, but an in-depth report from Pew Research in 2021 found similar results.

That study showed 50% of U.S. LinkedIn users earned over $75,000, 21% each earned between $50,000-$74,999 and $30,000-$49,999, and 12% earned less than $30,000 annually.

Use of online platforms, apps varies by demographic group

Source: Pew Research

LinkedIn users have twice the buying power of the average online audience

Perhaps in line with the income range stats above, LinkedIn audiences have roughly twice the buying power of audiences elsewhere. That also aligns with the platform’s B2B-focused audience.

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98% of LinkedIn users have a post-secondary education

That’s not too surprising given LinkedIn is a work-focused platform. The stats break down further with 33% of users holding a Bachelor, or equivalent four-year degree, 23% having a Master’s degree or equivalent, and 20% listing an unspecified “further education.” Only 2% of users report ending their education after high school.

LinkedIn post-secondary education holders 98%

Source: Statista

LinkedIn location demographics

200 million Americans use LinkedIn

While people in the United States make up the largest user segment by location, LinkedIn still has a strong presence around the world.

78% of LinkedIn users live outside the United States

While the largest user group lives in the United States, the next largest country groups are India (99 million), China (60 million), and Brazil (59 million).

LinkedIn users distribution by country

Source: Statista

69% of U.S. LinkedIn users are active daily

That’s about 138 million members in the U.S. With an additional 15% saying they use LinkedIn several times a week, a total of 84% of all users in the U.S. are using LinkedIn daily or semi-daily.

LinkedIn users post-secondary education holders 98%

Source: Statista

30% of LinkedIn’s desktop web traffic comes from U.S. users

For comparison, the next highest referring country is India with 7.19%. Must be all those American daily users.

LinkedIn’s desktop web traffic American

Source: Statista

People in over 200 countries and territories use LinkedIn

That’s impressive since the United Nations currently only recognizes 193 countries as members. There are approximately 70 additional dependent or disputed territories in the world that are not recognized by the UN.

In short: People use LinkedIn everywhere.

LinkedIn is the 16th most popular website in the world

And, the 17th most popular in the world. It’s only two spots behind TikTok at number 14, too.

LinkedIn hiring and career insights

61 million people search for jobs on LinkedIn every week

LinkedIn is one of the top spots for recruiting. LinkedIn also reports 8 people are hired every minute from the platform.

Women are 16% less likely to apply for a job

But also, 16% more likely to be hired for the jobs they do apply to.

Contract job listings on LinkedIn grew 26% year-over-year

Over the same time period, full-time job listings only grew 6%.

The lasting effects of the pandemic on remote work arrangements combined with the global economy has more companies looking for contract workers compared to permanent, full-time workers.

Gen X has the highest internal mobility rate

36% of Gen Xers took a new position at their current employer in 2022, compared to 31% of Millennials and 27% of Gen Zers.

While that’s pretty close, the data for Baby Boomers is likely skewed due to many leaving for retirement. Regardless, it shows there are plenty of internal hiring opportunities for everyone.

Generation X experiences the highest internal mobility rate

Source: LinkedIn Global Talent Trends

Gen Z values advancement opportunities 47% more than Gen X

When it comes to recruiting, Gen Z prioritizes career advancement and skills development 47% and 45% more, respectively, than Gen X.

75% of LGBTQ+ workers want to work somewhere they feel comfortable being their full selves

While this statistic doesn’t separate sexual orientation and gender identity, it still shows clearly that companies who create a supportive environment will benefit when it comes to recruiting top talent from the LGBTQ+ community.

The survey also found that half (49%) of LGBTQ+ professionals will not work for a company that doesn’t provide inclusive benefits.

Belonging at the Forefront for LGBTQ+ Professionals

Source: LinkedIn / YouGov

59% of LGBTQ+ workers are currently at companies that haven’t taken a stand on recent U.S. legislation

In addition, 33% of LGBTQ+ employees feel their current employer has not made them feel supported in the wake of recent anti-LGBTQ+ legislation in the United States.

Perhaps your company has a policy of not making political statements. If so, consider the impact this may be having on your LGBTQ+ employees: 36% would consider leaving their current employer if they continue not taking a firm stance.

Only 45% of companies have increased salaries to keep up with inflation

Yikes. Given that compensation is consistently ranked as the top priority for job seekers and that most economists agree we’re currently not in a recession (at least yet), I must repeat: Yikes.

Recession or no, budgets may be tight at your company. But knowing that 93% of companies are worried about retention, the ones who can find the budget to at least keep up with inflation will stand a better chance of holding onto top talent.

North American employees are 15 times more likely to seek internal promotions vs. leaving

A recent survey from LinkedIn found wide discrepancies between geographic regions when it comes to recruiting. On average, users in France were 15.3 times more likely to seek advancement at a new company than their Canadian, American, or Indian counterparts.

Users in other countries had a less dramatic, though still significant, margin, such as Germany at 4.9 times, Japan at 5.5 times, and Brazil at 8.6 times more likely to leave their current employer vs. staying.

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Likelihood employees will consider leaving over internal mobility

Source: LinkedIn Talent Solutions

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