Afghanistan proves drone strikes have failed


However what the gossip and the op-eds didn’t point out was that the actual shock wasn’t Haqqani’s public appearances—it was that he was showing in any respect: A number of instances over the past 20 years, the US navy thought they’d killed him in drone strikes.

Clearly Haqqani is alive and properly. However that raises a obvious query: if Khalil ur-Rahman Haqqani wasn’t killed in these US drone strikes, who was?

The same old bland response is “terrorists,” a solution now institutionalized by the best ranges of the US safety state. However the remaining days of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan confirmed that’s not essentially true. A day after an assault on troops at Kabul’s teeming airport, for instance, the US responded with a “focused” drone strike within the capital. Afterward it emerged that the assault had killed 10 members of 1 household, all of whom had been civilians. One of many victims had served as an interpreter for the US in Afghanistan and had a Particular Immigrant Visa prepared. Seven victims had been youngsters. This didn’t match the generic success story the Biden administration initially advised.

One thing completely different occurred with this strike, nevertheless. For years, many of the aerial operations the US has performed passed off in distant, rural places the place few info may very well be verified and never many individuals may go to the scene. 

However this strike passed off in the midst of the nation’s capital. 

Journalists and investigators may go to the location, which meant they may simply fact-check all the things the USA was claiming—and what had really occurred quickly grew to become clear. First, native Afghan tv channels, like Tolo Information, confirmed the relations of the victims. With a lot consideration being paid to the withdrawal from Afghanistan, worldwide media retailers began to reach, too. An in depth report by the New York Instances compelled Washington to retract its earlier claims. “It was a tragic mistake,” the Pentagon mentioned throughout a press convention, because it was compelled to confess that the strike had killed harmless civilians with no hyperlinks to ISIS.

Actually, American’s final drone strike in Afghanistan was eerily just like its first one.

Actually, America’s final drone strike in Afghanistan—its final high-profile act of violence—was eerily just like its very first one. 

On October 7, 2001, the USA and its allies invaded Afghanistan as a way to topple the Taliban regime. That day the first drone operation in historical past passed off. An armed Predator drone flew over the southern province of Kandahar, generally known as the Taliban’s capital, which was the house of Mullah Mohammad Omar, the group’s supreme chief. Operators pushed the button to kill Omar, firing two Hellfire missiles at a gaggle of bearded Afghans in unfastened robes and turbans. However afterward, he was not discovered amongst them. Actually, he evaded the allegedly exact drones for greater than a decade, finally dying of pure causes in a hideout mere miles from a sprawling US base. As an alternative, America left an extended path of Afghan blood in its makes an attempt to kill him and his associates.


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