Alibaba Built-in Advert By F5: Fading Sea Creatures


Due to the 2020 international state of affairs, greater than 1.5B masks discovered their solution to the ocean in that yr alone. Alibaba Group, being one of many largest sellers of disposable face masks, needed to supply an answer to the issue. The company believes {that a} obligatory merchandise that protects human life doesn’t need to be one thing that may trigger devastation to the setting, in order that they partnered with WWF for Earth Day 2021 to generate extra consciousness in regards to the challenge.
The marketing campaign consists of an occasion titled “Fading Sea Creatures”, a stunning reside efficiency by rising artist Qiurui Du. The efficiency centered on jellyfish, the world’s most resilient sea creature, to convey the message of how even the oldest animal on earth that survived calamities, mass extinctions, and outlived dinosaurs, might quickly fall to the results of masks air pollution.
The efficiency featured Qiurui’s jellyfish portray which was on canvas made completely out of disposable face masks. The portray was made with hydrochromic paint, which disappeared when the masks canvas was submerged underwater. The jellyfish portray reappeared when the masks canvas was faraway from the water, conveying the message of how life will return to our seas once we take away the presence of masks from our oceans.


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