Aliens: Fireteam Elite weapons tier record


Sadly, no independently concentrating on particle-beam phalanx exists in Aliens: Fireteam Elite. Opposite to the dropship ordinance Personal Hudson boasted about within the Aliens film, the sport additionally lacks tactical smart-missiles, sonic digital ballbreakers, nukes, knives, and sharp sticks. However, coming arduous on the heels of the Again 4 Blood beta, the newest co-op shooter does come fitted with Pulse Rifles, shotguns, and loads of different weapons impressed by the basic Aliens film franchise. The query is, which Aliens: Fireteam weapons are the very best for mowing down these alien hordes? Learn our Aliens: Fireteam tier record to seek out out…

Aliens: Fireteam Lessons

There are 4 varieties of weapon to think about in Aliens Fireteam: Rifle, Heavy, Handgun and CQW (Shut Quarter Weapon). Every class of Marine can carry as much as two (with a regular sidearm), however they can’t be of the identical kind.

When deciding on the correct weapons, in addition to bearing in mind private playstyle, you need to take into consideration weapons (and skills) that permit you to be efficient whatever the state of affairs. For the Technician, for instance, whereas it could appear that they’re restricted to short-range (CQW) and lighter (handgun) weapons, that is made up for to a level by having the ability to deploy a Sentry Turret. For each different class, the Pulse Rifle (or one in every of its variants) is a flexible choose that permits you to choose a extra specialist second weapon, or one which is ready to ship excessive ranges of Weak Level Harm (ie. good towards Aliens like Guards and Praetorians). This considering has knowledgeable our tier record to a point. 


ClassMajor WeaponSecondary WeaponEquipment Talents
Gunner (assault)Rifle CQW Overclock, Frag Grenade
Demolisher (heavy)Rifle Heavy Micro Rockets, Blastwave
Technician (engineer)Handgun CQW Sentry Turret, Charged Coils
Doc (medic)Rifle HandgunTrauma Station, Fight Stims
Recon (scout)CQWRiflePUPS, Help Drone


Remember that following record of the very best weapons for Aliens: Fireteam Elite doesn’t consider Weapon XP, Perks, Consumables, or Weapon attachments (aka mods) equivalent to optics, muzzles, barrels, armatures, or magazines. Our tier record relies purely on weapon stats, and our hard-fought expertise of utilizing every weapon throughout in depth co-operative playtesting. As we proceed to place the present and any new weapons via their paces, or each time the sport is up to date, we’ll remember to make our Aliens: Fireteam Elite weapons tier record much more badass. Get pleasure from!


S-tier Aliens Fireteam weapons

aliens fireteam pulse rifle


M41A2 Pulse Rifle (Rifle)

The basic Colonial Marine Pulse Rifle is your customary concern weapon for 4 of the 5 fight courses in Aliens Fireteam. There’s an excellent purpose for that – it’s excellent for nearly any state of affairs. The Pulse Rifle has good journal capability, that means you possibly can take out seven or eight xenos earlier than you must reload, plus it might probably hit arduous at any vary. It’s vital to goal for these weak factors for optimum effectiveness, and the enduring underslung grenade launcher can be a helpful alt-fire to have, however in any other case the Pulse Rifle is a superb beginning Aliens Fireteam weapon that’s troublesome to improve from – efficient and supremely versatile. For these causes, we reckon that the M41A2 is likely one of the greatest weapons in Aliens Fireteam.

M37A3 Pump Shotgun (CQW)

aliens fireteam pump shotgun

Each bad-ass Colonial Marine likes to maintain a shotgun helpful for shut encounters, and the M37A3 is likely one of the greatest there’s. That is just because just about each drawback we affiliate with shotguns is offset to a point with this mannequin. For instance, its journal capability is poor, however the reload time is tremendous quick (0.35 seconds per spherical) to make up for it. The 80 max ammo restrict is just a little stingy, for certain, however it beats the DT-57 Medved’s paltry 60 photographs. Merely put, the M37A3 Pump Shotgun is the very best scattergun in Aliens Fireteam. 


aliens fireteam smartgun

L56A3 Smartgun (Heavy)

The M56 Smartgun is in fact the weapon made well-known by Drake and Vasquez within the Aliens film. This later variant within the Alien timeline isn’t fairly as cumbersome, however neither does it have the identical ammo capability. Even so, it’s accuracy (because of automated concentrating on) and stability (because of the weapon’s hip-mounted arm) make it an ideal assist weapon that’s extremely efficient towards mid-range targets. Attempt to preserve ammo towards long-range and high-armor targets because the harm falloff and poor Weak Level Harm capabilities of the Smartgun are very noticeable and also you’ll simply tear via these ammo reserves too shortly. Keep on with the cannon fodder – Runners and Drones – and also you’ll just do nice.


aliens fireteam magnum

Kramer .50 Magnum (Handgun)

Whenever you first play Aliens Fireteam it’s straightforward to neglect that you’ve a sidearm in any respect, as you must particularly choose it (subsequent / earlier weapons controls solely shift between main weapons). Nonetheless, it’s an excellent concept to prepared any pistol you have got, as you possibly can take out any pesky Runners or Drones with out consuming into main weapon ammo. When you’ve got a Kramer by your facet, it will get even higher for taking up the primary wave of any xeno menace. It has glorious vary for a handgun, excessive essential (Weak Level) harm, and excessive single-shot harm – which provides as much as a weapon that may one-shot fairly just a few alien drones earlier than the massive boys come alongside. If Hicks have been nonetheless round, the Kramer .50 Magnum can be a weapon he’d wish to maintain helpful for first encounters.


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