Ant Forest Built-in Advert By F5: The ocean buckthorn hotpot base


Since its launch in 2016, Ant Forest has been dedicated to encouraging the general public to scale back carbon emissions by accumulating digital “inexperienced power factors” that will be used to plant hundreds of thousands of actual sea buckthorn timber in China. Sea buckthorn timber not solely stop soil erosion in northwest China, however in addition they present nutritious sweet-sour berries that add extra taste and dimension to any dish. So, Haidilao and Ant Forest joint arms to formulate the ocean buckthorn hotpot base with the imaginative and prescient of letting extra sea buckthorn timber flourish the extra individuals consumed the fruit.

F5 Shanghai was capable of appeal to the goal market of younger shoppers by latching onto two true traits — their love of consuming and attempting new experiences, and their “wokeness” and willingness to help good causes, ensuing to a marketing campaign with the easy mechanic, “for each pot of sea buckthorn hotpot consumed, Haidilao will donate one sea buckthorn tree to be planted in Ant Forest or to the China Basis for Poverty Alleviation”.

Throughout the launch, a Haidilao retailer was dressed up like a forest, offering fortunate diners with an immersive expertise as in the event that they had been immediately transported to acres of sea buckthorn timber. On the similar time, an enthralling animated movie was aired to showcase the ocean buckthorn origin and taste story. On-line celeb Jackie (辣目洋子) additionally dined within the restaurant to introduce the newly launched hotpot variant to shoppers.


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