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Learn beneath for our Apex Legends Cell tier record season 1 version, masking all of the playable characters / Legends of the sport, together with the cell unique Legend ‘Fade’. For an Apex Legends cell weapons tier record, take a look at our seperate Apex Legends Cell gun tier record web page. 

Apex Legends Cell vs PC model / console model – do Legends play in a different way?

Apex Legends Cell is a brand new model of the sport particularly constructed for smartphones, with its personal touchscreen controls and tweaks to the gameplay to make it finest optimised for the brand new platform. This, mixed with the truth that the variety of playable Legends is decrease within the cell sport (not less than at this stage, we count on extra to be added later) implies that current tier lists received’t reduce it. That being mentioned, the core skills and playstyle of every character stay just about the identical, so that you received’t should relearn methods to play them.

Apex Legends Cell tier record for characters

Under is our tier record for the playable Legends presently accessible in Apex Legends Cell, ordered from finest (S) to worst (C). You’ll be able to after all choose whichever character you need: some folks simply occur to be higher enjoying a specific Legend, even when it’s positioned on a comparatively low tier, so could need to proceed to take action. This record represents purely the effectiveness of every character within the aggressive sport as objectively as attainable, based mostly upon playtesting within the Beta. 

You’ll discover it is a shorter record of playable characters in comparison with the total PC/console model of the sport. We count on to see the entire different characters from the primary sport (Ash, Newcastle, Seer, Valkyrie, Mad Maggie, Octane, Loba, Fuse, Rampart, Horizon) to be included in subsequent seasons, and we’ll replace this tier record accordingly. See additional down this web page for a full breakdown of every character, their skills, and the explanation for his or her rating.

Tier Playable Legend
S Bloodhound, Gibraltar
A Octane, Wraith, Lifeline, Fade
B Bangalore, Pathfinder, Caustic
C Mirage

Apex Legends Cell Season 1 – Legends breakdown

Under you may learn extra in regards to the skills of every playable Legend in Apex Legends Cell Season 1, and extra about their strenghts and weakenesses (characters are organized in alphabetical order).

Bangalore – B tier

Apex Legends Mobile tier list season 1 Bangalore
  • Passive Means: Double Time – Will increase the participant’s dash velocity by 30% when below fireplace for two seconds.
  • Tactical Means: Smoke Launcher – Fires an impact-detonating smoke grenade, making a wall of smoke to permit gamers to maneuver with out being detected by the enemy.
  • Final Means: Rolling Thunder – Calls in a protracted artillery strike on a participant designated space.

Bangalore has some skills that are helpful in serving to your crew escape out of sticky conditions. Smoke Launcher can conceal your crew (both in assault or defence) and the Rolling Thunder Final is a good space denial assault to maintain your enemies at bay. Sadly, the Final Means is outmatched by Gibraltar’s by way of harm and the time it takes for the strike to return down, and usually there are higher worth Legends on the roster (although there are additionally worse). Be aware: It’s strongly suggested that you simply equip Digital Threats as Bangalore to allow you to see by your personal smoke display.

Bloodhound – S tier

Apex Legends Mobile tier list season 1 Bloodhound
  • Passive Means: Tracker – Permits you to see the tracks left by your enemies. You’ll be able to inform how way back your opponents handed by an space on the map and use this to estimate their present place.
  • Tactical Means: Eye of the Allfather – Permits you to see any hidden traps, enemies, or clues on the map which are positioned in entrance of your character for a brief time frame.
  • Final Means: Beast of the Hunt – Boosts the motion velocity and agility of your character. You can even use your Tactical Means extra steadily. The encompassing surroundings flip a gray/monochrome colour however enemy gamers are highlighted in crimson.

Bloodhound is likely one of the authentic Legends, and has occupied the highest tiers of participant favourites for the reason that sport’s inception. Though the passive Tracker means isn’t the perfect, the Eye of the Allfather means may be very helpful for serving to the crew spot enemy flanking assaults, and revealing hid enemies. Used along side Beast of the Hunt, the bloodhound participant can scan much more steadily. As a Recon character, a Bloodhound participant also can scan Survey Beacons for ring information rewards.

Caustic – B tier

Apex Legends Mobile tier list season 1 Caustic
  • Passive Means: Nox Imaginative and prescient – Permits the participant character to see the define of enemies by their very own gasoline clouds, in addition to the deployed gasoline clouds of their enemy.  
  • Tactical Means: Nox Fuel Entice – The participant can drop Nox gasoline canisters that detonate when enemies transfer to shut to them or when they’re shot at by the participant, producing a cloud which lasts for a brief interval, dealing Space Of Impact harm and denying enemies ease of motion by the realm.
  • Final Means: Nox Fuel Grenade – A grenade which releases a gasoline cloud upon detonation, damaging whichever enemies are inside it.

Caustic is finest suited to preventing in close-quarters, notably inside buildings, and may make the most of the Nox Fuel Entice and Nox Fuel Grenade skills to shut off sure areas to enemy strategy. This Legend is much less highly effective than he was once in earlier seasons of the PC/console model of the sport, his Nox Fuel traps now having the ability to be destroyed after detonation, the length of the clouds being barely shorter, and the harm they deal being lower than they as soon as did. Nonetheless, Caustic nonetheless offers first rate tactical choices.

Fade – B tier

Apex Legends Mobile tier list season 1 Fade
  • Passive Means: Slipstream – Everytime the participant slides they get a velocity increase.
  • Tactical Means: Flash Again – The participant can ‘reverse time’ round their character by 2:30 to deliver their geographical place again to the place they have been at this level, heloing them to get out of hazard.
  • Final Means: Section Chamber – Throws down an merchandise which explodes in a spherical are of impact that phases out anybody inside it, rendering them invulnerable to break. Additionally does a small quantity of harm to enemies.

The playable character distinctive to Apex Legends Cell, Fade combines Tactical and Final skills which are much like Wraith’s with a velocity increase on the slide. In the intervening time we’re shoving Fade in A tier, however additional playtesting could change our thoughts a bit.

Gibraltar – S tier

Apex Legends Mobile tier list season 1 Gibraltar
  • Passive Means: Gun Protect – Aiming down the sights of your weapon causes a defend to deploy out of your characters arm which affords safety from oncoming fireplace.
  • Tactical Means: Dome of Safety – A big deployable dome defend that protects each your character and teammates from oncoming fireplace. Permits the participant to fast-revive downed teammates throughout the dome.
  •  Final Means: Defensive Bombardment – Calls in an explosive mortar strike on a participant designated place.

Gibraltar has a giant hitbox, making him a straightforward goal for enemy fireplace, and may really feel a bit cumbersome movement-wise (though he doesn’t truly run any slower than most different Legends), however regardless of this, he’s essentially the most picked character within the Apex Legends International Sequence competitors, as a consequence of how helpful his skills are for any crew he’s on (assuming he’s used proper). The Gun Protect Passive means is first rate, however the actual worth is available in his Tactical Means and Final. The Dome of Safety permits the crew to push enemy positions the place cowl is scarce, scan beacons, or revive fallen teammates with a level of safety; and Defensive Bombardment is nice for halting an enemy advance earlier than you get overrun.

Lifeline – A tier

Apex Legends Mobile tier list season 1 Lifeline
  • Passive Means: Fight Revive – Deploys the D.O.C Heal Drone (see beneath) to revive teammates robotically. This implies you don’t should do it your self manually and frees up the participant for motion and fight. In Apex Legends Cell Season 1, Lifeline additionally comes with a revive defend that protects allies as she revives them.
  • Tactical Means: D.O.C (Drone Of Compassion ) Heal Drone – Deploys a drone that robotically heals any close by teammates over time (although remember it can be utilized by enemies).
  • Final Means: Care Package deal – Calls in a drop pod filled with defensive gadgets to your squad, together with ammo, shileds, and heals.

Because the model of Lifeline playable in Apex Legends Cell Season 1 nonetheless retains her revive safety defend (which was eliminated in later seasons of the PC/console model) the character stays probably the greatest picks of the roster for squad assist. Remember that utilizing the Care Package deal final means will alert enemies to your place, however you should use this to your benefit and draw them right into a lure.

Mirage – C tier

Apex Legends Mobile tier list season 1 Mirage
  • Passive Means: Now You See Me – Cloaks the participant character when they’re reviving downed teammates or plugging title tags into the Respawn Beacon.
  • Tactical Means: Psyche Out – Sends out a holographic decoy (with lowered well being in comparison with the participant) that produces footstep noise to attract enemies.
  • Final Means: Lifetime of the Get together –Deploys 5 holographic decoys concurrently while additionally making the participant character quickly invisible.

The Apex Legends Cell model of Mirage doesn’t but have the identical boosts to his skills that got here with Season 7 of the primary sport (the place his decoys have been tweaked to be extra convincing to enemy gamers), so his usefulness is a bit restricted relative to different characters. Not the worst Legend presently accessible, however positively not one of many higher choices in cell Season 1.

Octane – A tier

Apex Legends Mobile tier list season 1 Octane
  • Passive Means: Swift Mend – Heals the participant character at a charge of 1 HP per second.
  • Tactical Means: Stim – Boosts motion velocity by 30% for six seconds at a value of HP.
  • Final Means: Soar Pad – Deploys a bounce pad that may launch any teammate who jumps on it by the air, with a double bounce functionality enabling you to leap even additional if timed appropriately.

Octane is a excessive threat / excessive reward Legend that’s favored by twitch shooters and entry-fraggers as a consequence of his quick velocity, although sadly typically attracts gamers who aren’t he finest at teamplay and have a tendency to deal with getting solo kills. Should you handle to get a good participant although, Octane’s Soar Pad final is excellent for crew attacking strikes or when enacting rotations, and is especially helpful for offensive actions when mixed with the Revenant totem.

Pathfinder – B tier

Apex Legends Mobile tier list season 1 Pathfinder
  • Passive Means: Insider Data – The character can scan a survey beacon to disclose the place the circle’s subsequent location can be earlier than it strikes there.
  • Tactical Means: Grapple – The character can fireplace a grappling hook which can be utilized to tug the participant in the direction of laborious to succeed in locations or to shortly escape hazard.
  • Final Means: Zipline Gun – Units up a zipline between two factors that the entire crew can use, enabling quick journey between them.

Pathfinder in Apex Legends Cell season 1 has escaped a number of the nerfs that later iterations of the PC/console sport has imposed on him, and he’s a worthy choose for a crew which needs to maximise its mobility (an vital a part of the sport in spite of everything). A appropriately used Zipline Gun is helpful for each attacking ambushes and getting your crew out of bother shortly.

Wraith – A tier

Apex Legends Mobile tier list season 1 Wraith
  • Passive Means: Voices from the Void – When an enemy seems at or targets the participant character, a voice is heard warning them.
  • Tactical Means: Into the Void – The character phases into one other dimension for a brief interval, rendering them resistant to all harm.
  • Final Means: Dimensional Rift – The participant can create two portals that join to one another for 60 seconds, for both assault or defence.

Regardless of the irritating tendency of some Wraith gamers to go it solo, for those who get a crew participant who picks this Legend, then Wraith is usually a nice profit to your crew as a each a scout and somebody that may get the remainder of the crew out of tight spots / into fast attacking positions with the Dimensional Rift Extremely.

Ultimate phrase

We hope this Apex Legends Cell tier record Season 1 information has been of use to you. We can be popping out with an up to date record for each new season of the Cell model of the sport, to replicate any buffs/nerfs/tweaks or new characters which are added.


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