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The measurability of digital advertising and marketing campaigns has turn into a should. On this article, we’ll clarify the right way to set CPC bids in PPC campaigns. Within the period the place accountability is measured by direct gross sales, all of us have to be knowledgable on the calculations in place.

  1. Determine Sale Revenue

Proft = Income – prices

  • That is the revenue you make per conversion


2. Calculate the Conversion Worth

Conversion Worth = Avg. Sale Worth  / No. Leeds wanted per sale

  • i.e. Sale worth per merchandise is £1000 | you get 1 sale in 200 clicks | £100 /2000 = your conversion worth is £5


3. Calculate the Conversion fee

Conversion Price = Conversions / Clicks

  • i.e. You get 5 gross sales per 100 clicks | 5/100 = your conversion fee is 5%


4. Determine BREAK EVEN CPC

Max CPC = Conversion Price / Revenue Per Conversion

  • That is the utmost bid you may afford to interrupt even / not make a loss.
  • i.e. 2% Conversion fee (0.02) | Revenue per sale £40 | 0.02 x £40 = Max CPC £0.80

5. Set your MAX CPC

MAX CPC = Breakeven CPC – 30% 

  • The max CPC you set will outline your revenue margin.
  • Google’s precise CPC’s are typically 20% decrease than the utmost bid quantity.
  • As a mean, we are likely to go 30% decrease than the breakeven level. That is elective.


Different Price range Calculations value Contemplating

MAX CPC = Conversion Price x Proft per Conversion x 0.70

MAX CPA = CPA Goal x Conversion Price x 1.2

ROAS= Complete Income / Complete Advert Value


The measurability of campaigns will set up a clear and reliable setting with shoppers. Though problem to arrange, do not forget that these metrics will reward your operations in the long term.

Good luck in implementation and tell us your ideas!


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