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CHINA OPEN BORDERS TO TRAVELERS As Chinese Citizens Struggle With Travel Restrictions.

China is moving to open its gates to travellers despite the increasing numbers of COVID cases, and the U.S. shares its fears.

World leaders, including the U.S., Japan, and EU members, are moving to impose sanctions and forbid their citizens from travelling to China. The tension is too high, and the global market can’t bear any further falls and conflicts.

In this video, we will discuss the reasons why China is opening up to tourists, why the U.S. is sanctioning the country and its macroeconomic effects on the global health sector. China just switched from a zero-covid policy to a completely relaxing policy.

Last week, the Chinese government announced that it would open its borders to travellers by January 8, 2023.

An announcement that most people believe is a bad move for the country, especially given the rising number of COVID cases. Meanwhile, we see a large movement, and big decisions are being made from the opposite camp.

A virologist thinks that dropping quarantine overseas might cause the spread of new variants, and the two years’ efforts will be in vain.

It’s not like early 2020 when COVID cases skyrocketed, yet the danger and the possibility of despreading remain high.

People in China have been yearning to travel abroad after three years of isolation. By unbanning the flights, the world will experience unusual travel movements, which could spark a new pandemic.

The reaction from world leaders was unwelcoming and unsupportive; in fact, it was more of an aggressive reaction.

The U.S., Japan, India, and Europe know that many travellers wish the country to reopen its borders. That includes students, family, friends, coworkers, and more.

So imagine if we allowed all flights and trips to a country that’s currently losing a battle against the COVID epidemic.

On top of that, China still suffers from an unstable social structure and angry groups, which increase security concerns.

In fact, the decisions might lead to an increase in the variant COVID spread, and in light of the current shortage of antibiotics and other crucial medicines, the world simply can’t afford to have that again.

By unbanning overseas quarantine, the world will face a catastrophe, healthily, socially, and economically to a large degree.

Last Tuesday, Japan announced that it would ban all flights to China; India did the same; and the United States made it clear that it would fight this decision. How is that a problem for the world in the eyes of the U.S., Europe, Japan, and India?

Two months ago, China implemented one of the most strict quarantines in its history: the “Zero-Covid” policy.

However, when the going got tough, they quickly switched from a strict policy to a relaxed approach.

It is the case that all these countries are fearing and debating when to change their approach when they are experiencing an increase in COVID cases.

Whatever Chinese officials say about this relaxed policy, the macro-effects will be massive and life-changing; for better or worse, the days ahead will tell.

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