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Complete Conflict: Warhammer 3’s Prologue – whereas optionally available – is an fascinating, partaking and in some ways distinctive a part of the sport that you simply actually shouldn’t skip. Removed from being a stripped-down tutorial, the prologue serves as a brief marketing campaign in its personal proper. And one that’s integral to the story of a number of factions as well. As such, we’re right here to stroll you thru the entire of Complete Conflict Warhammer 3’s Prologue Marketing campaign, to get you prepared for what the remainder of the sport has to supply.

Prologue Marketing campaign: The start

For these conversant in the Complete Conflict: Warhammer collection, the Prologue Marketing campaign is extra story-focused than may need been anticipated. This in no way makes it a lesser expertise than the remainder of the sport. Merely a distinct type than introductions previous.

The Prologue begins with a cutscene introducing you to Yuri Barkov, the Kislev prince and legendary lord of the Complete Conflict Warhammer 3 Prologue Marketing campaign. For the remainder of the Prologue, you may be following these Kislev characters and their expedition into the Chaos Wastes, looking for the bear-god Ursun.

As soon as the introductory cutscene is full, you may be given management of your faction for the primary time, in addition to being issued the mission ‘Respite’.


Your goal on this mission is to journey north, discovering shelter for the people who have joined Yuri on his quest. This a part of the tutorial is generally involved with motion and navigating the marketing campaign map. As such, the primary goal of this mission is just to Transfer North. Upon getting completed so you’ll obtain two extra goals in fast succession: Maintain Transferring North and Occupy Kislev Refuge. Merely select to occupy the settlement and Respite shall be accomplished, incomes you Treasury +1000

As soon as respite is completed with, you’re instructed to assemble a Kislev camp earlier than continuing additional. After constructing the camp, additionally, you will must construct a storehouse to safeguard your provides. At this level – following a short tutorial on revenue – you’ll obtain the mission ‘Rescue’.


Rescue – because the title suggests – entails rescuing a settlement referred to as the ‘Beacon’ from attackers. After Transferring North as soon as extra, you’re met with refugees fleeing the Beacon and offered with two decisions; Save the harmless or Punish the wolf. Save the harmless prioritises saving Kislevite lives on the Beacon settlement. Punish the wolf focuses on retribution towards the tribal chief that threatens the beacon. Relying on the selection you make, Yuri will obtain a rise in numerous stats.

Previous to heading north to the beacon, you’re proven methods to equip armour on Yuri. Following this transient tutorial, your new goal is to Rescue the Beacon, save the harmless, or Rescue the Beacon, punish the wolf, relying in your earlier selection. Transfer Yuri north as soon as extra and be greeted with a brief cutscene exhibiting Skollden the wolf attacking the Beacon settlement. Transfer Yuri to the settlement to have interaction Skollden in your first battle!

The Battle of the Beacon

The Battle of the Beacon shouldn’t be a prolonged affair, however accommodates introductions to a number of key mechanics, in addition to strolling you thru all of the fundamentals of fight. By the point it’s over, you’ll have discovered all about troop motion and positioning, in addition to the strengths of your Kislev troops and a few of the foes you’ll face within the Chaos wastes.

As soon as the battle is completed, you should have reclaimed the Beacon as soon as extra, and acquire a Cartographer as a reward to your hassle. Submit-battle, you may be given a selection of what to do together with your captives, Indenture or Ransom.

Following this, your goal it to Choose Prince Yuri, as you’re given an introduction to recruiting forces. As soon as your ranks are bolstered, your subsequent mission is to search out and defeat Skollden, in ‘Revenge.’


Fortunately, it doesn’t take lengthy for Skollden to come back on the lookout for a rematch. Transfer north into the wilderness, and Skollden will quickly return and rush your forces, prompting a battle. This battle is extra concerned than the final, educating components of deployment and terrain, however persevere and Skollden will flee as soon as extra, abandoning a Star-iron ring as your prize.

Following your second fight in Complete Conflict Warhammer 3’s Prologue, you may be prompted to extend Yuri’s abilities for the primary time. After studying particulars of the talent tree, you’re instructed to reclaim Fort Dervingard within the mission ‘Reclaim.’


Marching north to Fort Dervingard unlocks the Battle for Dervingard. Carry Skollden’s reign to an finish, and as soon as the wolf lies defeated, the Fort shall be liberated as soon as extra. In his demise, you’ll be able to declare Skollden’s tainted blade Wolfsbane as your personal, selecting both A Sturdy Blade or A Sharp Blade. Following this, you should have Yuri sanctify Dervingard for Ursun by constructing a Totem of Ursun. With Ursun invoked and the taint of Chaos cleared, Dervingard is reclaimed and Yuri is granted Frostshard armour.

A hero is added to Yuri’s trigger right here, a frost maiden. You then are instructed of Dervingard’s commander’s fall into insanity and chaos worship, and when given his journal, might choose to both Maintain it secret or Inform Gerik. As soon as completed, the subsequent quest is to achieve the Lucent Maze in ‘Runes.’


Leaving Fort Dervingard, you enterprise North into the Chaos Wastes. On the way in which you’re launched to extra of Chaos’ results on the land. To Embrace Magic will grant Snow Leopard models, however to Maintain Custom will unlock Bear Conflict Sleds. Alongside the way in which, you may be provided trials from the commander’s journal; optionally available goals to finish so as to survive these inhospitable lands. These triala will present further unlocks and sources to Yuri’s forces.

As soon as arriving close to the Lucent Maze quest marker, the battle can start. Choose Yuri after which choose the search marker to Begin Lucent Maze Battle. Fend off Tzeentch models and breach by the limitations together with your forces to achieve the Lucent Maze.

Throughout the maze, Yuri learns extra darkish secrets and techniques from the journal, and is pointed in direction of the Brazen Altar in Khorne’s lands. There they’ll discover the technique of accessing the Howling Citadel and reaching Ursun. When leaving the maze and greeting your forces, you possibly can select to Rally them and acquire additional rations or Ignore them and acquire or reinforce a trait. Both approach, the Patriarch is unlocked as a reward. The following quest – Raid – is then unlocked.


At this level in Complete Conflict Warhammer 3’s prologue, you’re seeing extra of the map, and the size of journey is growing considerably. You might be given larger freedom in what you accomplish on the way in which to your general goals. Quite a few settlements, trials and small-scale battles may be accessed as you progress onwards, to finish as you see match.

An extra mission – Trial of the Fervent – is unlocked right here. Merely use the Patriarch’s Wound capacity on an enemy hero whereas on the marketing campaign map to obtain Saint Annushka’s Finger Bone as a reward.

While progressing in direction of Khorne’s lands, tribes that hear of Yuri’s Chaos-surviving exploits come to pay tribute. You may Settle for it to achieve a highly effective merchandise, or Commerce for it to achieve an common merchandise and a diplomatic bonus with the tribes.

No matter what you obtain in your path, quickly sufficient you’ll attain your Khornish vacation spot and entry the search marker. As soon as battle begins, battle by waves of Khorne troops and defeat the Flesh Hound Simaergul to achieve the shrine.

With Khorne’s Altar defiled, Yuri now has the power to summon the Bridge-Maker on the Screaming Chasm. As a reward, you unlock Kislev’s mightiest unit, the Elemental Bear.

When Yuri quenches his blade within the Brazen Altar, you’re given two decisions. My Legend – declaring Yuri’s may and titles – or My God – specializing in discovering Ursun above all else. Each choices acquire or reinforce one among Yuri’s traits. Whichever path Yuri prioritises, the subsequent quest is Attain.


That is the ultimate quest of Complete Conflict Warhammer 3’s prologue. You need to attain the Howling Citadel and slay Kurnz, the previous commander of Dervingard, whose footsteps you have got been following in on this journey into Chaos.

As soon as you’re feeling sufficiently ready, transfer Yuri into the sunshine on the Screaming Chasm to summon the Bridge-Maker. A Higher Daemon of Khorne seems and fills the chasm with skulls earlier than Yuri. At this level, the extent of Yuri’s corruption – the toll Chaos and this journey has taken – is revealed. Your solely choice is to Slay Gerik, the one you love brother and trusted advisor. As soon as the deed is completed, Yuri proceeds onwards, together with his fearful military behind and the Daemon at his facet.

One ultimate battle is undertaken towards Kurnz’ Horde, and as soon as Yuri emerges victorious, he is ready to lastly obtain his reward. As for what that entails… properly. We’ll depart the final of the Prologue Marketing campaign’s surprises so that you can uncover your self.

 We hope this information will assist you to progress by Complete Conflict Warhammer 3’s Prologue Marketing campaign and be properly outfitted to deal with every part that comes after!

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