Digimon Survive – Easy methods to Get Greymon


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This information will make it easier to digivolve Agumon and seize a Greymon for your occasion in Digimon Survive.

As Pikachu is to Pokémon, Agumon is to Digimon. The happy-go-lucky little Dinosaur is the mascot of the entire ‘mon franchise, and its first Digivolution – Greymon – is simply as in style.

It’s no shock that Agumon is your most important companion Digimon in Digimon Survive, however what’s a shock is that it’s potential to overlook out on Greymon altogether.

We’ll make it easier to just be sure you get Greymon with our Digimon Survive information.

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Digimon Survive – Ethical Karma

digimon survive greymon karma digivolve

Digimon Survive’s Karma system is a surprisingly deep addition to the franchise.

Your dialogue and story decisions earn you Karma of three potential varieties; Ethical, Wrathful, and Concord. Ethical is awarded for simply, honorable actions, Wrathful comes from being daring and confrontational, and Concord depends on being a peacemaker and emotionally intuitive.

The Greymon line is not the default when Agumon Digivolves in Digimon Survive. The Karma sort that you’ve probably the most factors in at key story moments immediately impacts the shape that Agumon takes when he Digivolves.

To ensure that Agumon turns into Greymon, it’s good to make decisions that grant you Ethical Karma wherever potential. Then, when dealing with Dokugumon on the finish of Digimon Survive chapter 1, Agumon Digivolves into Greymon

A useful reminder: while you’re introduced with three dialogue decisions, Ethical Karma is often rewarded for selecting the left-most choice. Defaulting to this alternative ensures that you just achieve entry to Greymon.

Is Greymon Everlasting?

Not like these recruited from free battles, Associate Digimon in Digimon Survive don’t keep of their developed varieties completely.

Agumon reverts to rookie type on the finish of the battle with Dokugumon. However don’t fear; from that time on, Greymon is unlocked, and Agumon can digivolve at any time in battle.

When combating with Greymon at your facet, be sure you keep watch over his SP, as each flip spent in a digivolved type passively drains some SP, on high of the particular assaults you may be utilizing. You wouldn’t wish to lose entry to Greymon at a vital second.


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