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There’s a enormous quantity of dungeons to be discovered everywhere in the world of Elden Ring, however some are more durable to seek out (and beat) than others. That will help you out with that, we’ve determined to place collectively this Cliffbottom Catacombs information that ought to make the journey via this explicit dungeon a little bit bit simpler.

Tips on how to Discover the Cliffbottom Catacombs

You’ll discover the Cliffbottom Catacombs within the second main space of the sport that you just come to after beating Godrick the Grafted. Nonetheless, if you wish to get right here a bit earlier for some motive, now we have a information on skipping straight to this space. When you’re in Liurnia, particularly on the Lake Dealing with Cliffs level of grace, you’re prepared to begin your correct journey. From the aforementioned level of grace, head northeast till you come to the sting of a cliff. From right here, you need to have the ability to see a path down the cliff face through the use of your horse to leapfrog throughout the headstones jutting out of the facet of the mountain.

Cliffbottom Catacombs Leapfrog Stonesw

When you’re safely on the bottom, head north and observe the street till you see the telltale indicators of some extent of grace. Activate it to just remember to don’t have to do this silly cliff soar once more. When you’ve activated it, maintain following the street north, weaving out and in of the massive buildings as you go. You’ll finally come throughout the Liurnia Freeway North level of grace which you must also activate. From right here it’s fairly easy.

Cliffbottom Catacombs Directions

Look to the east from the purpose of grace to see a statue that factors you in direction of the dungeon. From the statue, head straight south hugging the sting of the cliff. As you enter a slim passage full of timber be looking out for these tiny enemies with bleeding weapons as a result of they like to ambush you right here. You need to discover the doorway to the dungeon on the wall of the cliff to your proper about midway down the trail. Enter and activate the purpose of grace to start.

Cliffbottom Catacombs Walkthrough

This dungeon could be a little bit of a doozy, particularly for those who’re right here early and unprepared. Plenty of the enemies right here trigger bleeding injury, so be sure you have some Staunching Boluses on you and prepare. Head down the steps and soar onto the carry. When you’re on the backside, don’t cost forward at that enemy, there’s one other simply across the nook to the proper who will ambush you. Bait the enemies and take them out one after the other, then proceed across the nook and down the steps.

Cliffbottom Catacombs Hidden Enemy

The door forward of you is the boss room and is presently locked, so as a substitute, simply flip proper. Earlier than you enter this space, be ready to dodge as a result of one other imp is able to attempt to make you bleed. Take him out after which maintain transferring ahead. There aren’t any enemies within the higher space right here so transfer onto the highest of the close by staircase. If you happen to hit lock-on, you need to have the ability to lock onto an imp on the touchdown above you. Aggro him with a ranged assault, then end him off as soon as he jumps all the way down to get you.

Earlier than transferring on, cease on the touchdown beneath and look off the left facet of the ledge for those who’re going through the steps from the underside. Hit lock-on to seek out an ogre downstairs. If you need, you may make issues simpler later by taking this man out from a secure distance now. Both method, watch out heading down the following hall, as a stress plate is inked as much as an arrow lure that does an honest quantity of injury, you should use it to kill the imp that costs at you although, in addition to the one who costs across the nook. As soon as they’re each useless, sneak into the following chamber fastidiously.

Cliffbottom Catacombs pit enemy

Time for Stealth

Go into stealth mode and transfer ahead beneath the touchdown as a substitute of going up the steps. There’s a sleeping ogre underneath right here who is meant to be guarding the Grove Glowart [3]. Choose it up and transfer again after which up the steps. On the following touchdown, you’ll discover one other patrolling ogre. You may attempt to sneak by him however the chamber forward of you homes one other imp who needs you useless and requires you to have a keystone. Nonetheless, you select to cope with the state of affairs, watch out that you just don’t get too noisy as it will wake the ogre downstairs and provide you with double hassle.

Cliffbottom Catacombs Sneaky Boi

There are additionally two imps on the touchdown above this space who will begin chucking magic bombs at you as quickly as fight begins. If that occurs, attempt to lead the ogre into the facet room for those who unlocked it, in any other case, you’ll simply have to look at your again as greatest you may. Take out the imps as properly, then discover the realm to seek out some candy look beneath the ledge, and within the room, you simply unlocked. Then, head up the steps and punctiliously strategy the following hall.

There’s one other stress plate on this space with extra arrow traps, in addition to an imp who’s making an attempt his hardest to remain hidden. Aggro him with a ranged assault and take him out when he approaches you. There’s one other imp across the nook which you could give the identical therapy to. Seize the Grave Glowort [2] simply forward of you, after which go down the hall that isn’t the one you simply used.

Ambush Central

Cliffbottom Catacombs Not Very Hidden

No traps or tips on this little hall, however transfer into the following room very fastidiously. There are imps in every single place round right here, so that you’ll want to maneuver very slowly if you wish to solely tackle one or two at a time. Head across the nook and ignore the ledge to your proper, as that leads again to the steps by the doorway. Take out the imps within the hall to the proper, then flip round to tackle a 3rd one who aggros if you do. Seize the loot after which head again into the principle part of the room.

From right here, look via the doorway reverse the ledge to see two very apparent imps. Be careful for the tiny hall forward of you as there’s one other arrow lure on the ground. Take them out one after the other both with ranged assaults or by aggroing them from a distance and ready for them to return to you. Enter the room fastidiously, and also you’ll discover that there’s another imp on the wall forward, take him out in the identical method then clear the room of loot.

Enter The Pit

Cliffbottom Catacombs Hidden Danger

Now we’ve cleared the facet space of loot, soar again down onto the staircase from the principle room. From right here, you may both return and relaxation for those who’re feeling weak, or soar down into that darkish pit the place you killed the ogre earlier than. This space is a central pit surrounded by two corridors patrolled by one other ogre. If you need the loot from these corridors, you will get it simply by sneaking round behind the ogre in query. When you’ve acquired it, head down the one exit from this pit.

Keep in stealth mode except you’re feeling tremendous assured combating these ogres. As you not far away, you’ll see one heading in direction of you. Rigorously decide your method across the lure on the ground and sneak rapidly into the right-back nook of the room. Look forward to the ogre to get into the room, after which you may sneak behind him and ignore him utterly. No extra traps or imps ready for you now, simply make your strategy to the ladder on the finish and climb up.

On the high of the ladder, there’s an ogre in entrance of the altar. You may take him out if you need, or simply sneak to the proper, seize the loot and flip the swap to unlock the boss.

Erdtree Burial Watchdog Bossfight

Cliffbottom Catacombs Erdtree Burial Watchdog AOE

Contemplating how powerful the dungeon was, this boss is fairly weak, particularly if in case you have magic protection. He solely has 3 totally different assaults: a floor level AOE, launching slow-moving projectiles in a hoop, and going onto his hind legs to smash you together with his stick. The primary one you may simply again away from fairly reliably, however watch out because it packs a punch and this room isn’t all that huge. For his second assault, maintain transferring both left or proper, then roll twice within the path you’re transferring as soon as the projectiles hit you. That remaining assault may as properly not exist. When he’s in melee mode he strikes extremely slowly, so simply run away and use the prospect to heal or recharge your FP.

Aside from that, issues to be careful for embrace the truth that this man is fabricated from stone. If you happen to’re utilizing a slashing weapon you’re going to have a foul time. Be sure to’ve acquired one thing that does strike injury, or ideally a magic/projectile weapon. Simply maintain your distance and use his lengthy restoration time from that magic AOE to take him down piece by piece.


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