Find out how to Take away Fungus Between Glued Digital camera Lens Parts


I lately had a foul case of fungus in a Sony equipment lens. The fungus was between the 2 outermost lenses which can be assembled collectively in a glued plastic case.

I positioned it in a cleaned vacuum field with sufficient rubbing alcohol to submerge it — I really needed to tilt the field to cowl every part, so I ought to have added extra.

I first cleaned every part very totally.

I sucked all of the air out of the container and watched small bubbles depart the lens.

I then let air again in. Make certain the lens components are absolutely lined with alcohol in order that it could seep in.

Alcohol between the lenses:

Now empty the field, put the lens again, and suck the air out. It nearly all got here out within the first go, however you could must experiment with the orientation of the lens as a result of the leaking gap must be under the alcohol.

The final droplet wouldn’t come out with suction.

Now, this can be a essential step. Should you simply let the alcohol evaporate, it could depart a dried-out mark.

So right here’s what you are able to do: swing the lens in your arm in order that the alcohol creeps to the sting after which depart the lens to dry upright, standing on the spot the place the droplet went in order that it stays down there on the lowest level.

Voila! A set lens!

The stuff that’s seen on the outer ring is all that was left from the alcohol residue drying by itself. There’s no haze or any remnant in any respect on the remainder of the lens.

After this preliminary try, I repeated the method a second time and ended up with a lens with completely no residue in any respect.

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In hindsight, I might have positioned the lens in a brand new clear Ziploc bag with alcohol after which put that within the vacuum field to keep away from any mud or grease utterly.

Warning: Should you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s all the time safer to ship your digital camera tools to licensed restore companies. These kinds of do-it-yourself repairs must be accomplished at your personal danger — and on the subject of issues as delicate/delicate as digital camera tools, the dangers will be nice.

Concerning the creator: Lasse Reinhold is a hobbyist photographer based mostly in Denmark. The opinions expressed on this article are solely these of the creator.


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