Gamers are abusing a New World invincibility glitch to win wars


Uh oh, it seems there’s a slightly exploitative game-breaking New World invincibility glitch that some dishonorable gamers are abusing. The New World invincibility bug causes gamers to enter a desync standing, making them unkillable. After all, the bug appears to work in any facet of the sport, which means some gamers are successful wars due to it.

What’s the New World Invincibility glitch?

Over the weekend, a number of eyewitness stories element accounts of a New World invincibility glitch being the key weapon of struggle winners. At first, many gamers thought it was some type of day one problem coming again to hang-out gamers, which has existed for the reason that beta. Nonetheless, it seems that the trick has been found out, with gamers utilizing it to their benefit.

Contemplating {that a} faction must generate a number of affect in a zone earlier than declaring struggle, this bug is a giant deal. It may be used to make sure you maintain a maintain of a fort or take aims in a struggle for a settlement. If sufficient gamers abuse it on a struggle goal, it nearly ensures a free win. The one approach to beat is by coordinating your personal workforce to do it and outnumbering them. Not precisely a fantastic use of technique and weapon combos.

Amazon Video games have but to say something on the subject material. Nonetheless, Amazon Video games’ ToS does say any third get together or exploit that creates unfavourable benefits is in opposition to the sport’s guidelines. So, should you’re caught utilizing the New World invincibility glitch, then know that it’s a bannable offence.

For those who’ve been a sufferer of this unlucky tragedy, bear in mind to report the gamers you witnessed abusing the bug. For those who can, avoid wasting footage of gamers abusing it so you possibly can file a robust report back to get them banned. In spite of everything, the New World servers are sometimes solely 2000 gamers, so the server’s neighborhood will really feel the influence of 1 bug abusing guild taking up Aeternum.

If you wish to see how the New World invincibility glitch works, then you possibly can head over to this New World Discussion board publish and see it in motion for your self. The discussion board does train you how one can do the desync invincibility bug. So, please don’t recreate it, as it could get you banned, even should you’re doing it for testing functions.


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