Genshin Impression Lyre Songs Notes


Maybe one of many best additions to Genshin Impression has been the lyre. For the reason that Windblume competition introduced the Windsong Lyre as a brand new instrument for enjoying songs, folks have been getting inventive.

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Both by creating their very own melodies or recreating in style songs, the lyre has grow to be a preferred new instrument amongst gamers. Some extremely gifted gamers have taught themselves this instrument, and now among the many Genshin Windsong Lyre album, you will discover:

The best way to use the Windsong Lyre

The Windsong Lyre is a gadget that may be obtained in the course of the Invitation of Windblume occasion or by . It may be purchased from the occasion store for 280 Festive Tour Tickets after finishing all “Ballads of Breeze” challenges in Regular Mode. When you’ve gotten one, you will get to work on creating your individual tunes.

When you’re taking part in on PC, you should utilize both the keyboard or the mouse. On the keyboard, the highest row of notes (treble clef, 𝄞) are mapped to the letters Q to U, the center row (alto clef, 𝄡) from A to J, and the underside row (bass clef, 𝄢) from Z to M.

With a PlayStation controller, the notes from “do” to “ti” are mapped onto the left, up, proper, down, sq., triangle and circle buttons respectively. The alto clef notes (the center row on PC and cell) are displayed by default, and the L1 and R1 buttons have to be held to entry the decrease and better keys, respectively.

Genshin Impact Lyre

Lyre music notes

Just a few gamers have gone out of their method to present the precise enter to get the music you need! You possibly can examine them out right here, and provides it a attempt for your self!

Radiant Desires – Shared by GamerCaitlin

  • s f g h g
  • h g f d n d d
  • s f g h g
  • h g f d d q q
  • w q h s h
  • g f d a n d d
  • s f g h g
  • h g d a
  • s n s d n d f n f g n g
  • g f d s a
  • s n s d n d f n f g

Rick Roll – Shared by EndOfEnds

  • h j q q w j h g
  • h h j q h g t t w
  • h j q q w j h g
  • h h j q h g w w w e w
  • g h q h e e w
  • g h q h w w q
  • g h q h q w j h g w q
  • g h q h e e w
  • g h q h t j q
  • g h q h q w j h g w q

Daybreak Vineyard Theme – Share by dubusaeyo

  • d h e e w q w j g
  • h j q q q j h j g d
  • d h e e w q w j g
  • h j q j h j h g h
  • h j q f w q j q w g
  • j q w g e j w q j q
  • h j q f w q j q w g
  • j q w g e j w q


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