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‘Sacred Sakura Cleaning Ritual’ is a World Quest in Genshin Influence. It’s fairly a protracted one, and requires you to go to varied completely different shrines and clear up the puzzles there. Right here’s our information on the right way to full the Sacred Sakura Cleaning Ritual in Genshin Influence.

Find out how to Unlock Sacred Sakura Cleaning Ritual

To unlock Sacred Sakura Cleaning Ritual, you should be Journey Rank 30 or above. You have to have entry to the Inazuma Area, and have accomplished the Ritou Escape Plan Quest there.

A Unusual Story in Konda

To start the hunt, first head to Konda Village the place you’ll discover Kazari, a masked Shrine Maiden. After talking along with her, use an Electro capability on the close by Sky Kitsune Statue to get a Ward. Afterwards, communicate with the native villagers and search for three clues: a handbag by the dried-up effectively, a cargo bag from the water, and an inventory of products. Speak to the village chief, Konda Densuke, and search for his diary. That is positioned on the roof of the closest home. Afterwards, you’ll be prompted to discover a key to the dried-up effectively.

Return to the effectively, unlock it, and break the wall inside. Observe the Electro orb, and use an Electrograna to cross by means of the Thunder Barrier you come throughout. Enter the room, and also you’ll see a big Torii Gate within the centre, surrounded by shrines. Method the shrines, and use the ward you obtained earlier to vary their numbers. It is best to change the numbers relying on the order they seem within the constellation contained in the Torii gate, from backside to high. Lastly, work together with the primary shrine once more to set off a boss struggle with a Phantom Warrior. Defeat the Phantom Warrior, and also you’ll full the primary a part of the hunt.

Sacrificial Choices

First, head to the deserted shrine within the blue space north-east of Konda Village. Work together with Sky Kitsune Fox Statue such as you did within the earlier quest, then discuss with all of the Mysterious Shadows till all of them seem behind the smaller fox statues. You’ll then get hold of the Sacred Sakura Cleaning Abstract.

Genshin Impact Sacrificial Offerings

Head to the Grand Narukami Shrine the place you’ll get hold of the Memento Lens, which is a Gadget you will have to equip with the intention to use. Return to the deserted shrine and use the Memento Lens on all of the Earth Kitsune statues, that are the little statues. The Earth Kitsune statues will recite some strains, which you’ll want to recollect. Work together with the Sky Kitsune Statue and choose the strains within the right order to acquire the ward. You’ll then be prompted to move in the direction of a close-by cave. Enter the cave and head by means of the Thunder Barrier to search out the room with a Torii Gate. Clear up the shrine puzzle such as you did beforehand and defeat the Phantom Warrior that seems.

Cleaning Defilement

You’ll be prompted to cleanse the shrines in Chinju Forest, Kamisato Property, and Araumi. The Chinju Forest shrine may be solved within the Tanuki-Bayashi within the Forest quest. On this quest, you’ll have to search out and play with three tanukis, earlier than heading to a Torii Gate that you simply’ll have to cleanse, simply as you have got been up to now.

For the Kamisato Property shrine, head to the pink Sakura tree north of the Kamisato Property. Use the Memento Lens on the small Kitsune Statue right here, earlier than heading north in the direction of the wrecked ship. Search for one other small Kitsune Statue in the midst of the island, and use the Memento Lens on it. You’ll unlock one other room with a Torii Gate that you’ll want to cleanse by fixing a shrine puzzle. An Ochimusha will seem after, which you’ll have to defeat.

For the Araumi Shrine, activate the Electro Monuments within the space by utilizing Electro on the, and work together with the unlocked mechanism. Climb the tower and work together with the three Earth Kitsune along with your Memento. Afterwards, head down and scan the close by Earth Kitsune to unlock a Thunder Sakura Bough. Summon an Electogranum with this, then head by means of the Thunder Barrier. Use Electro on the Kitsune Statue to get the ward, then head to the shrines. Full the shrine puzzle and kill the Ochimusha that seems.

Yougou Cleaning

Lastly, return to Kazari at Konda Village. After talking along with her, you’ll be prompted to move to  the massive gap in Mt. Yougou, which now not has a barrier. After descending into the cave’s depths, you’ll discover there’s a Miasmic Tumor, which summons the Balethunder impact within the surrounding space. This can harm you until you equip an Electrogana, which may be summoned from the close by Thunder Sakura Boughs.

Genshin Impact Yougou Cleansing

To complete the hunt as soon as and for all, you’ll have to defeat the Oshimusha that seem in waves. As soon as they’re defeated, clear up the shrine puzzle identical to you have got executed beforehand. The Miasmic Tumor will then collapse, and also you’ll have to assault it till it’s defeated. Lastly, return and communicate to Kazari, and the hunt will finish. Congratulations on finishing the Sacred Sakura Cleaning Ritual quest!


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