How and Why to Use the Channel Mixer in Photoshop


There are various methods to edit and alter colours in Photoshop, and whereas curves and ranges are the go-to adjustment instrument for many photograph editors, the Channel Mixer has a novel functionality. 

The Channel Mixer lets you individually goal and alter particular person shade channels – the pink channel, inexperienced channel, or blue channel.

Learn on to study extra about how and why to make use of the Photoshop Channel Mixer. 


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How and Why to Use the Channel Mixer in Photoshop

The Why

To grasp how the Channel Mixer works, it’s useful to know the way RGB shops shade.

The RGB file shops every shade pixel in three bytes: one is pink, one inexperienced, and one blue. 

This implies every shade pixel has not one however three shops of shade. 

That is most helpful when creating greyscale and sepia pictures or for including/eradicating different tonal tints. 

When utilizing the Channel Mixer you’ll be able to separate the pink channel from the inexperienced and blue channels. 

The photographs under exhibit what occurs when every channel is chosen individually. 

greyscale image

The greyscale of every picture is completely different relying on the picture’s content material of blue, pink, or inexperienced. 

output channel option

The Channel Mixer adjustment layer lets you improve the tones of heat hues or to boring the hearth in an excessively saturated picture. 

Within the picture under, the pink within the pink channel is decreased to carry forth the inexperienced within the picture.

Photoshop channel mixer

The Channel Mixer doesn’t work the identical as Selective Shade which might isolate and alter a person shade.

Learn how to use the Channel Mixer

Step 1 – Open the Picture

To open your picture, head to the highest menu bar and choose File > Open.

Find the file you want to open from the pc and click on to open.

In case your file is already open, verify that the layer you want to alter is energetic within the Layers Panel.

Step 2 – Open the Channel Mixer

Open the Adjustment Layers Panel which is located to the best of your workspace.

Click on on the Channel Mixer Icon (three overlapping circles).

red green and blue

When clicked, the Channel Mixer Properties field will pop up.

white image

Within the Channel Mixer’s Properties field, you’ll be able to choose a Channel Mixer Preset from the Preset drop-down menu.

color channel

The presets provide a shortcut to some nice greyscale changes. 

The picture under is utilizing the Black & White with Blue Filter Preset. 

greyscale preset

Depart the Preset setting on Default

Step 3 – Choose a Channel

The Output Channel gives you the choice to pick one of many three shade channels. 

For the picture under, the Blue Channel is chosen to tone down the cool tones.

composite color channel

Step 4 – Regulate the Sliders

Within the Channel Mixer, you’ll discover a pink, a inexperienced, and a blue slider.

As you alter the sliders you will notice the ends in your canvas workspace. 

To tone down the cruel blue within the blue channel, lower the blue worth.

negetive value

You’ll additionally discover a slider labeled “Fixed” – this slider adjusts the darkness or brightness of the chosen output channel.

If it’s essential to undo an edit click on the undo arrow on the backside of the Properties panel. 

The Channel Mixer Adjustment Layer will seem within the Layers Panel – you’ll be able to delete this layer at any time with out affecting the unique picture.

If you wish to make further edits, click on on the Adjustment Layer and the properties panel will reopen.

source channels

Now you know the way to make use of the Channel Mixer, you need to use it to make inventive shade changes.

Strive experimenting with the Channel Mixer to create moody pictures, alter tones, or make greyscale pictures. 

What’s Shade Lookup in Photoshop?

A Lookup desk tells Photoshop to remap sure colours in your picture to different particular allotted colours, leading to a sure “look”. 

Add a Shade Lookup Adjustment Layer from the Adjustment Panel and choose one of many preset seems, akin to HorrorBlue or EdgyAmber.

When you choose a Lookup preset, your picture could be altered dramatically or refined barely relying on the supply colours in your picture.

The Lookup adjustment is new to Photoshop and price experimenting with.

If you wish to study extra about adjusting colours in Photoshop take a look at this tutorial: Learn how to Use Selective Shade in Photoshop.


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