How can Philosophy assist in our Trendy World? | by Stefan Kojouharov | Mar, 2024


In our trendy world, many consider that philosophy is outdated, that we now have arrived at science, which may clear up all of our issues finally, and that philosophy isn’t rather more than a bunch of outdated males arguing about foolish issues.

In different phrases, it’s not consequential.

Nonetheless, the alternative is true.

All of us are bodily beings, however we spend much more of our consideration on our psyche, ideas, emotions, and perceptions than on our physicality.

You FEEL each second, and you’re totally immersed in considering. Nonetheless, you won’t concentrate on your posture, respiratory, or the feel of the garments in your again.

We’re psycho-physical beings, and our ideas, emotions, and perceptions dominate our precise expertise.

They dominate, shade, and form our expertise. They outline it.

And all of that is deeply psychological; it’s ideological and has a philosophical construction that helps it.

In different phrases, our expertise and notion of the world replicate our personal philosophy.

Now, let’s take a look at how all this works, what it means within the Age of AI, and the way it can assist us higher perceive our issues and uncover their options.