How To Use A Foreign exchange Revenue Calculator To Your Benefit?


Calculating income or losses for a commerce is crucial for each dealer to grasp. Thankfully, you don’t have to hold out huge calculations; as a substitute, you should utilize a foreign exchange revenue calculator to precisely and rapidly calculate the PnL. Utilizing this calculator solely requires a couple of primary inputs, which can embrace the main points of the foreign money pair being traded, the dealer’s account foreign money, the commerce dimension, and the commerce opening and shutting costs. You may additionally want to point whether or not you purchase or promote a foreign money pair. When you’ve given the proper knowledge to your foreign exchange calculator, the device rapidly calculates the distinction between the entry and exit costs and multiplies it primarily based on the pip worth of the commerce to provide the remaining end result.

Components to Contemplate When Selecting a Foreign exchange Revenue Calculator

Can you employ any foreign exchange platform that you simply come throughout on the web? Of Course not! There are some essential components that that you must think about earlier than selecting a buying and selling platform. 

Initially, you need to test whether or not the foreign exchange revenue calculator you intend to make use of solely supplies primary features corresponding to revenue and loss calculations or additionally exhibits margin calculations, foreign money conversion, and place sizing. Since there are separate calculators for every of those calculations, you might not essentially want them, so higher concentrate on the options beforehand. The calculator must also be suitable with the buying and selling platform you employ. 

Additionally, do not forget that a user-friendly interface could make it a lot simpler and faster to calculate your income and losses, so it turns into essential to discover a calculator that’s simple to make use of.

A lot of the foreign exchange calculators are supplied freed from value. As such, if any web site is charging a payment for supplying you with entry to the foreign exchange calculator, it might not be value spending a penny on it. For those who insist on utilizing a paid calculator for any purpose, ensure that the price is cheap and matches inside your price range.  The final however a very powerful issue is the accuracy of the calculator. It’s possible you’ll not wish to make any buying and selling errors due to incorrect outcomes given by your dealer. To keep away from this, you may take a look at the calculator totally by inputting totally different values in numerous eventualities. 

Methods to Calculate Income and Losses in Foreign exchange Buying and selling

The revenue or loss in a commerce is the distinction between how a lot cash you’ve gotten earned or misplaced. To do that, that you must know two important items of knowledge: your place dimension and the variety of pips the worth has moved.

Let’s perceive this via a easy instance. Suppose you enter a commerce on GBP/USD with lots dimension of 100,000 at 1.3175. If the worth strikes from GBP/USD 1.3175 to 1.3195, it’s moved up by 20 pips. On this case, the 20 pips motion equals USD 200 (100,000 x 0.0020). To find out the appropriate lot dimension, you can too take the assistance of a lot calculator, which exactly tells you the perfect lot dimension you need to commerce, thus making it simpler so that you can decide the leverage you need to apply to have a worthwhile commerce.

To seek out out if it’s a revenue or loss we should always know the route of the commerce, which may both be lengthy or brief.

Contemplating each eventualities,

If the route of the commerce within the above instance is lengthy and costs improve, it’s a revenue. On this instance, it’s a USD 200 revenue. Alternatively, if the costs go down from 1.3175 to 1.3155, it will be a USD 200 loss.

If the worth of a foreign money pair will increase in a brief place, it’s a loss. On this instance, will probably be a lack of $200. Alternatively, if the costs moved down from 1.3175 to 1.3155, it will be a  revenue of 100 USD.  

Utilizing a Foreign exchange Revenue Calculator to Decide Threat-reward Ratios

Calculating the risk-reward ratio is essential for danger administration. To calculate it, you want entry and exit factors. You can begin by figuring out the distinction between the entry level and stop-loss costs, representing the danger. Then that you must calculate the distinction between the entry level worth and the revenue goal, representing the reward.

After you have these two values, you may apply the risk-reward ratio system, which entails dividing the danger by the reward. If the ratio is bigger than 1, it means the danger is bigger than the reward. For instance, a 4:1 ratio implies that the danger is 4 instances larger than the potential reward. If the ratio is lower than 1, it implies that the reward is bigger than the danger. For instance, a 1:3 ratio implies that the potential reward is 3 times larger than the danger.

Calculating the risk-reward ratio tells you if a commerce is value taking. So, it’s undoubtedly essential, however if you’re not good at handbook calculations, you may all the time use a foreign exchange revenue calculator. 

It requires the cease loss and take revenue ranges in your commerce. The cease loss is the extent at which you’ll shut the commerce if the worth strikes in opposition to you, whereas the take revenue degree is the extent at which you’ll shut the commerce if the worth strikes in your favour.

You’ll be able to enter them into the foreign exchange revenue calculator together with the place dimension and foreign money pair being traded. The calculator will then present you the potential revenue or loss for the commerce and the risk-reward ratio.

Benefits and Limitations of Utilizing a Foreign exchange Revenue Calculator


  1. Get a Exact Concept Concerning the End result – A foreign currency trading calculator means that you can estimate the potential outcomes of a commerce that helps you mitigate danger and optimise reward. This lets you formulate the buying and selling technique with larger accuracy and precision.
  1. Suitable With A number of Working Programs – A foreign currency trading calculator can also be tremendously suitable with all in style working methods corresponding to Home windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android.  Which means it doesn’t matter what machine you employ, you may all the time have entry to this precious buying and selling device. The very best half is that buying and selling calculators are usually not resource-intensive, you may run them on a price range laptop computer or a top-of-the-line smartphone as effectively as a brand-new machine.
  1. Get Fast & Correct Outcomes – A revenue calculator takes the guesswork out of complicated calculations by giving the potential revenue or loss in a second. This implies you may deal with what you do greatest: buying and selling the market. 
  1. Helps Decide Threat/reward Ratio – As mentioned above, the foreign exchange revenue calculator additionally allows merchants to compute and decide their danger/reward ratio, which is essential in managing danger and attaining sustained buying and selling success. Utilizing the foreign exchange calculator, you may exactly calculate the suitable take-profit or stop-loss ranges for every commerce, making certain that you simply take applicable measures to guard your account and keep away from substantial losses. 
  1. Helps Merchants Act Rapidly Whereas Buying and selling – The pace of decision-making is essential on the subject of intraday foreign currency trading. It requires merchants to behave rapidly and make knowledgeable selections, and a foreign exchange revenue calculator can actually assist with that by permitting for efficient danger administration and applicable place sizing. 


  1. A foreign exchange revenue calculator depends on correct and up-to-date info to offer correct outcomes. Nonetheless, given the market’s volatility, it might solely generally be doable.  Subsequently, it can be crucial for merchants to make use of foreign exchange revenue calculators as a information and never solely depend on them to make buying and selling selections.
  1. The calculator solely takes under consideration the fundamental inputs, corresponding to entry and exit costs, lot dimension, and foreign money pair, with out contemplating different components that will have an effect on the commerce, corresponding to market volatility, liquidity, prices, slippage and many others.

Foreign exchange Revenue Calculator Vs Handbook Calculations: Which One is Higher?

When calculating foreign exchange income, we will’t say one technique is healthier than the opposite as each, a foreign exchange revenue calculator and handbook calculations,  have professionals and cons.

Whereas a foreign exchange revenue calculator may also help merchants save time and cut back errors by rapidly calculating income and losses, handbook calculations may also help merchants higher perceive how trades work and achieve precious expertise in danger administration and place sizing.

By way of accuracy, each strategies can produce dependable outcomes so long as the proper inputs are used. Finally, the selection between utilizing a foreign exchange revenue calculator or handbook calculations is as much as the dealer to determine which is greatest suited.

Is there a calculator to calculate crypto revenue?

Sure, now you can too calculate crypto to crypto and crypto to INR revenue, in which you’ll preserve the calculation of how a lot revenue and loss is going on sooner or later and at current. This calculator will likely be accessible solely on India’s first home-ground cryptocurrency alternate BuyUcoin.


A foreign exchange revenue calculator could be significantly helpful when deciding whether or not to enter a brand new commerce or when evaluating the efficiency of an current commerce. These calculators can present real-time updates on a commerce’s revenue or loss, which is particularly essential in fast-moving markets, the place fast selections are crucial.


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