Iconic 1914 Ur-Leica digicam recreated as LEGO may grow to be an precise set: Digital Images Evaluate


LEGO Concepts person Pandis Pandus has submitted an concept to LEGO that’s certain to excite photographers and Leica followers, specifically, a LEGO Ur-Leica digicam from 1914. If the thought garners sufficient help, it could grow to be an actual LEGO product that you might purchase in shops at some point.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the LEGO Concepts program, it is an internet place for inventive LEGO fanatics to submit idea LEGO set concepts, like these you should buy in shops. It takes some time for an concept to grow to be a fully-fledged client product, in fact, however it’s nonetheless a viable manner for contemporary concepts to make it from the minds of followers into the arms of everybody.

The LEGO Concept for the Ur-Leica digicam is sort of a practical illustration. The digicam was additionally a critically necessary one for Leica and pictures on the whole. In line with Apotelyt, the Ur-Leica was the primary line of cameras to make use of 24 x 36mm format movie, which grew to become the 35mm customary. As an apart, 35mm is called as such as a result of the movie is 35mm extensive, together with its perforations. By using the 24 x 36mm format, cameras just like the Ur-Leica had been made smaller and extra moveable, making pictures extra accessible.

The again of Pandis Pandus’s LEGO Ur-Leica digicam

Per Apotelyt, Oskar Barnack ‘had the groundbreaking concept of doubling the width of widespread 18x24mm cinema movie and have it run horizontally within the Ur-Leica, reasonably than vertically as in cinema cameras of the time.’ He had this concept whereas working as a grasp technician at Ernst Leitz Optische Werke in Germany. Utilizing widespread cinema movie, the Ur-Leica was far more reasonably priced to shoot than large-format plate cameras whereas producing enlarged prints with much less grain.

An actual Ur-Leica digicam from 1914. Licensed below CC BY-SA 2.0 DE. Supply.

The Ur-Leica consists of quite a few knobs and dials, all of that are lovingly recreated within the LEGO Concepts submission. The set, which requires 205 complete components, consists of an publicity counter, Mikro-Summar 42mm F4.5 fastened lens, focus scale ring, lens cowl, metallic knobs, an exterior viewfinder with a body, E. Leitz Wetzlar branding and extra. As Apotelyt places it, ‘the Ur-Leica represents a mechanical masterpiece that’s comparatively mild and small,’ and the idea LEGO set does an incredible job of representing it.

The LEGO Ur-Leica set makes use of 205 complete components

Pandis Pandus writes, ”UR-Leica,’ also referred to as the ‘Unique Leica’ is a prototype that got here to revolutionize the panorama of cameras. As a result of I’m occupied with pictures and amazed by superior historic engineering, I set out on a mission to border this timeless digicam in LEGO.’ They proceed, ‘This product proposal captures the overall aesthetic and feeling of the digicam. Even the load has been modified, with a 2x6x2 weight brick built-in into the physique…The golden body of the viewfinder is nearly precisely within the 2:3 facet ratio, which this digicam gave beginning to.’

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They proceed, ‘I feel this could make an incredible set for any digicam or gadget fanatic, and fan of Leica or LEGO. Each corporations have – with the angle that good just isn’t ok – managed to alter complete markets and encourage numerous minds throughout generations.’

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If you would like to take a look at the LEGO Concepts proposal and voice your help, go to LEGO. To see another LEGO Leica tasks, go to Leica Rumors.


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