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E-mail communication is a dependable technique of connecting with clients, shoppers, and colleagues. Nevertheless, the effectiveness of electronic mail advertising and communication hinges on whether or not your emails attain their meant recipients. One frequent impediment that electronic mail senders encounter is being blacklisted. 

This text explores the idea of electronic mail blacklisting, its impression on electronic mail advertising, causes for getting blacklisted, methods to test should you’re blacklisted, remediation steps, and prevention methods.

1. Definition and overview

What’s an electronic mail blacklist?

An electronic mail blacklist, a DNSBL (Area Identify System Blacklist) or RBL (Actual-time Blackhole Record), is an inventory of electronic mail senders or domains recognized as sources of spam or different malicious actions. Numerous organizations preserve these lists and web service suppliers (ISPs) to guard customers from unsolicited and probably dangerous emails.

Blacklist check _ Mail server IP address

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Why do electronic mail blacklists exist?

E-mail blacklists exist to keep up the integrity of electronic mail communication. With virtually 85% of emails despatched every day thought-about as spam, electronic mail blacklists function a protection mechanism in opposition to phishing makes an attempt and different email-related threats. By figuring out and blocking electronic mail senders with suspicious or dangerous conduct, blacklists assist defend recipients from undesirable and probably dangerous messages.

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2. Affect on electronic mail advertising

How being blacklisted impacts deliverability charges

Being blacklisted can have a detrimental impression on the deliverability of your electronic mail campaigns. When your IP deal with or area is blacklisted, your emails will possible be filtered into spam folders or rejected by recipient servers. This case considerably reduces the probabilities of your messages reaching your audience.

Penalties of being blacklisted on model popularity and buyer belief

In addition to the fast deliverability points, getting blacklisted can tarnish your model’s popularity and erode buyer belief. As an illustration, selling on-line advertising diploma packages is essential to your on-line college’s success.

Potential college students who obtain spam or malicious emails out of your area might develop detrimental perceptions of your group, resulting in misplaced enterprise and damaging your on-line college’s picture.

Statistical insights on the prevalence of blacklisted emails in advertising campaigns

Statistics point out that many electronic mail advertising campaigns find yourself with at the least some emails getting blacklisted. In 2022 alone, 48.63% of all emails despatched worldwide had been recognized as spam. This state of affairs underscores the significance of understanding and addressing this difficulty for profitable electronic mail advertising.

3. Frequent causes for getting blacklisted

A number of elements can result in your electronic mail deal with or area ending on a blacklist. A few of the frequent causes embody:

1. Excessive bounce charges: Sending emails to invalid or non-existent electronic mail addresses can set off bounce charges, that are seen as a pink flag by ISPs.

High email bounce rates _ Spam traps


2. Spammy content material in emails: Utilizing misleading topic traces, extreme capitalization, and sure key phrases could make your emails seem spammy. Attempt to add visible content material like infographics, charts, swimlane diagrams, eBooks, and different kinds of visuals. This considerably reduces the probabilities of being spammed.

3. Unsolicited bulk emailing (spam): Sending unsolicited bulk emails to people who did not sign up to obtain your messages, like when conducting poorly-planned electronic mail blasts, is a method to have your electronic mail deal with blacklisted.

4. Malware or phishing hyperlinks inside emails: Emails containing hyperlinks to malware or phishing web sites may end up in blacklisting.

5. Consumer complaints or excessive report charges: If recipients ceaselessly mark your emails as spam, it may result in blacklisting.

4. The best way to test should you’re blacklisted

You may make use of totally different on-line instruments to test if area blacklisted. These instruments present insights into your electronic mail sender popularity and whether or not you are on blacklists. Understanding the suggestions from these instruments is essential in addressing the difficulty successfully.

Here’s a checklist of related instruments and platforms to assist you in checking your blacklisting standing:

  • MXToolBox: It is a complete DNS evaluation toolkit with a user-friendly interface for checking the blacklisting standing of your IP deal with or area;
  • Sender Rating by Return Path: Sender Rating assesses the e-mail sender’s popularity, offering a numerical rating and a platform for fast blacklisting standing checks;
  • Barracuda Central: Barracuda Central displays electronic mail and internet visitors for safety threats and presents a free IP popularity lookup software to test your IP in opposition to their blacklist;
  • Spamhaus: Spamhaus, a famend anti-spam group, presents a web-based lookup software to test your IP deal with or area in opposition to their blacklists;
  • SURBL: SURBL makes a speciality of detecting spammy URLs and supplies a software to test if any of your electronic mail hyperlinks are blacklisted.

Barracuda Central _ Email blacklist checker

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5. Remediation steps

In the event you’re blacklisted, swift motion is critical to rectify the scenario. Listed here are some steps to take:

  1. Strategy electronic mail service suppliers: Contact the related electronic mail service suppliers and request removing from the blacklist. Present them with proof that you’ve got resolved the problems that led to blacklisting.
  2. Craft a compelling case for removing: Acquire information and preserve data demonstrating your dedication to greatest practices in electronic mail advertising. Present how your electronic mail practices have modified and improved to forestall future points.
  3. Technical concerns: Implement SPF (Sender Coverage Framework), DKIM (DomainKeys Recognized Mail), and DMARC (Area-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance) data to boost electronic mail authentication and show your legitimacy as a sender.

6. Prevention methods

Stopping blacklisting is preferable to coping with the results. Listed here are some prevention methods:

  1. Observe greatest practices in electronic mail checklist constructing: Emphasize natural checklist progress, use double opt-ins, and recurrently clear your electronic mail checklist to make sure it solely comprises engaged and recipients.
  2. Work on content material methods to keep away from triggering spam filters: Make the most of AI-powered instruments to optimize electronic mail content material and keep away from triggering spam filters.
  3. Monitor electronic mail metrics recurrently: Control key metrics like open price, bounce price, and unsubscribe price, and use AI for superior monitoring and evaluation.
  4. Use predictive evaluation: Leverage AI for predictive evaluation to anticipate electronic mail engagement tendencies and modify your methods accordingly.
  5. Profit from dynamic segmentation: Phase your electronic mail checklist per consumer preferences and conduct to ship extra related content material.
  6. Implement automated A/B testing: Use AI-powered automated A/B testing to optimize campaigns in real-time.
  7. Make use of clever frequency optimization: Let AI optimize electronic mail frequency based mostly on recipient conduct and engagement historical past.

7. Examples of manufacturers whose emails had been blacklisted

Listed here are two real-life examples of manufacturers whose emails had been blacklisted. We are going to talk about their journey to rectify the scenario and the teachings they realized.


In 2010, Amazon’s electronic mail advertising campaigns had been blacklisted by a number of main electronic mail suppliers, together with Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail. This was as a result of some elements, together with aggressive topic traces, extreme sending quantity, and poor deliverability practices.

Amazon labored rapidly to rectify the scenario. They revised their electronic mail advertising practices, employed a brand new vendor, and labored with the blacklisting suppliers to get their emails re-delivered. Because of their efforts, Amazon’s electronic mail advertising campaigns had been restored to good standing inside a couple of months.

Classes realized:

  • use clear and transient topic traces that exactly replicate the content material of the e-mail;
  • keep away from sending too many emails too typically;
  • be certain that your emails are correctly formatted and freed from errors;
  • use a good electronic mail advertising vendor that follows greatest practices;
  • work with blacklisting suppliers to get your emails re-delivered if they’re blacklisted.


In 2013, Groupon’s electronic mail advertising campaigns had been blacklisted by a number of main electronic mail suppliers, together with AOL and Comcast. This was as a result of a number of elements, together with using misleading topic traces, excessive spam complaints, and the sale of electronic mail addresses to third-party distributors.

Groupon _ Sender's IP address

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Groupon labored to rectify the scenario by revising their electronic mail advertising practices, hiring a brand new electronic mail advertising vendor, and dealing with the blacklisting suppliers to get their emails re-delivered. Nevertheless, the injury had been performed, and Groupon’s popularity as an electronic mail marketer was tarnished.

Classes realized:

  • be sincere and clear in your electronic mail advertising campaigns;
  • keep away from utilizing misleading topic traces or sending emails that aren’t related to the recipient;
  • monitor your spam complaints and take motion to handle any points;
  • don’t promote or lease your electronic mail lists to third-party distributors.

8. Authorized implications

Legal guidelines masking unsolicited emails and consumer information safety

Normal Information Safety Regulation: GDPR enforces strict rules on electronic mail advertising, requiring specific consent from recipients earlier than sending emails and offering the choice to unsubscribe simply. Non-compliance may end up in substantial fines.

How has GDPR impacted email marketing _ Mail servers

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CAN-SPAM Act: In the USA, the CAN-SPAM Act mandates that industrial emails should embody a legitimate bodily deal with, provide a transparent method to decide out, and precisely symbolize the sender. Violations may end up in penalties of as much as $43,280 per electronic mail.

Moral concerns in electronic mail advertising

Past authorized necessities, moral electronic mail advertising emphasizes respect for recipients’ preferences and privateness. It includes clear communication, clear opt-in processes, and a dedication to delivering related, worthwhile content material. Moral entrepreneurs prioritize constructing long-term relationships over short-term beneficial properties, fostering belief and loyalty amongst their viewers.

9. Comparability between numerous electronic mail deliverability instruments and platforms

  • MXToolBox vs. Sender Rating

MXToolBox makes a speciality of in-depth DNS evaluation, together with blacklisting checks, whereas Sender Rating by Return Path assesses the sender’s popularity rapidly by means of a numerical rating. Choose MXToolBox for thorough evaluation or Sender Rating for a fast popularity evaluation.

Email deliverability tools and platforms _ IP addresses

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  • MXToolBox vs. Barracuda Central

MXToolBox presents complete DNS evaluation, whereas Barracuda Central focuses on monitoring electronic mail and internet visitors for safety threats. Use MXToolBox for total electronic mail well being evaluation and Barracuda Central for security-oriented popularity checks.

MXToolBox covers numerous DNS facets, together with blacklists, whereas Spamhaus maintains anti-spam blacklists. Use MXToolBox for complete DNS evaluation and Spamhaus to particularly test and deal with spam-related blacklists.

MXToolBox supplies DNS evaluation and blacklist checks, whereas SURBL makes a speciality of detecting spammy URLs in emails. Make use of MXToolBox for holistic evaluation and SURBL to pinpoint points associated to malicious URLs.

What does my sender score mean

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  • Sender Rating vs. Barracuda Central

Sender Rating evaluates the sender’s popularity, whereas Barracuda Central displays electronic mail and internet visitors for safety threats. Make the most of Sender Rating to evaluate your sender popularity and Barracuda Central for broader security-related checks.

  • Sender Rating vs. Spamhaus

Sender Rating presents a numerical sender popularity rating, whereas Spamhaus maintains anti-spam blacklists. Leverage Sender Rating to gauge your sender popularity and Spamhaus to handle spam-specific blacklist points.

Sender Rating assesses sender popularity, whereas SURBL identifies spammy URLs. Select Sender Rating for popularity analysis and SURBL for scrutinizing hyperlinks inside your emails.

  • Barracuda Central vs. Spamhaus

Each Barracuda Central and Spamhaus provide IP popularity lookup instruments. Make use of each for a complete test of your IP deal with in opposition to a variety of blacklists.

  • Barracuda Central vs. SURBL

Barracuda Central concentrates on safety risk monitoring, whereas SURBL makes a speciality of figuring out malicious URLs. Use Barracuda Central for total safety checks and SURBL to look at hyperlinks in your emails.

Spamhaus maintains anti-spam blacklists, whereas SURBL focuses on detecting spammy URLs. Mix each to deal with each blacklist-related and URL-related points successfully.

Variations in blacklisting standards amongst main electronic mail service suppliers

Totally different electronic mail service suppliers might have various standards for blacklisting senders. Whereas most contemplate elements like spam complaints, bounce charges, and engagement metrics, the particular thresholds and algorithms can differ. 

Sustaining greatest practices throughout the board is important to keep away from blacklisting by main suppliers like Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook. Repeatedly monitoring your sender’s popularity and compliance with their pointers is essential for constant electronic mail deliverability.

Wrapping up

E-mail blacklisting is a problem that may considerably impression your electronic mail advertising efforts and model popularity. Understanding the causes of blacklisting, recurrently monitoring your sender’s popularity, and implementing prevention methods are important to sustaining profitable and trusted electronic mail communication. 

By proactively addressing blacklisting points and adhering to greatest practices, you may assure that your emails proceed to succeed in your viewers and assist your group’s targets.

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