Misplaced Ark Berserker Information: Builds, Expertise, Engravings


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Misplaced Ark is out now within the west, and by far, one of the crucial interesting courses within the sport is the Berserker Misplaced Ark’s berserker is the category that’s all about leaping into the fray, swinging menacingly and doing huge DPS. If you happen to’re a newbie to the category and need an concept of what to anticipate, then here’s a rundown on this Misplaced Ark Berserker information.

Misplaced Ark Berserker Information

The goal of this Misplaced Ark Berserker Information is to undergo and provide you with a run-through of the category. The thought is to get you in control on the fundamentals of the Berserker gameplay, together with the abilities, engravings and different helpful tidbits that can assist you determine if this class is best for you.

To take action, we’ve got taken a take a look at the Korean and Russian builds within the present finish sport to offer you a greater concept of what to anticipate on the finish sport. Moreso, we will even provide you with a fast take a look at theta you’ll be able to count on within the early sport as you get conversant in the category if you happen to do intend on giving the Misplaced Ark Berserker class a go.

We’ve got a sequence of newbie class guides you can take a look at in our Misplaced Ark hub in case you are .

Misplaced Ark Berseker Id Talent

Lost Ark Berserker Identity skill
Here’s what the normal Misplaced Ark Berserker ability does.

Okay, so the primary firth factor it is advisable know in regards to the Berserker is its Id ability. Each class typical has one to 2 identification abilities that solely that class can use. For the Berserker, it is a berserker meter. 

When this bar is stuffed, the Bersekerer can enter a berserker stance, which will increase the ability ranges of the category. On this stance, you get to make use of a novel berserk capacity that slashes on the goal in a match of adrenaline and testosterone rage for large harm.

To fill this Bersker identification gauge, you merely must assault enemies to get it stuffed. You are able to do this by way of your class’ primary assault, or you should use your abilities on the enemies to fill it up too.

Nonetheless, a current change to the category in Korea sees the Mayhem class engraving arrive. Which means you might be at all times engaged and get juicy harm buffs. Nonetheless, you turn out to be a glass cannon with lowered well being. 

This tends to be the most effective class engraving for the Berserker these days because it means you could be the Berserker you at all times needed, however it isn’t as player-friendly. The selection, nevertheless, is as much as you while you get to the tip sport and unlock engravings. While you’re levelling up, can have the fundamental berserker identification.

Misplaced Ark Berserker abilities and tripods

Lot Ark Berserker skills build
You may get this mad too if you happen to use these Misplaced Ark Berserker Expertise.

The everyday abilities you’ll use fully depends upon which Misplaced Ark Berserker class engraving you employ. Nonetheless, most gamers in Korea and Russia all are likely to take the Mayhem construct, so we are going to largely deal with this construct. Nonetheless, there are many similarities between the tip sport Berserker builds, so you’ll be able to combine and match outdoors the 4 core abilities of Crimson Mud, Strike Wave and End Strike.

Under, we gives you a desk of essentially the most generally used Berserker abilities for the mayhem construct. We will even train you in regards to the tripods, that are merely buffs to your abilities, sometimes associated to break cooldown, or utility bonuses.

Talent What it does Tripod 1 Tripod 2 Tripod 3
End Strike A powerful hitting ability with excessive stagger. Enhanced Strike Situational Mild’s Out – turns the ability right into a combo capacity and the second assault does bonus harm.
Crimson Mud An uppercut ability that places a 12% elevated harm taken debuff on the goal. This must be utilized as typically as attainable for the harm and crit likelihood buff. Fast-Prep Important Level Hit Crimson Wave
Tempest Slash Dahs 4 meters, deal harm and fling enemies into the air. Situational Situational Driving Hit
Shoulder Cost Cost 7 meters within the goal course Mobility – makes the ability a 9-meter cost
Strike Wave Charged heavy-hitting capacity. Wave Restrict break Earth Flip
Mountain Crash Stamp your toes and harm the earth round you, initiating an earthquake within the space. Situational Swift Assault prep – grants 20% assault pace. Preferential – would you like further crit or a pull enemy nearer buff?
Hell Blade Lunge your sword into the bottom, dealing harm. Getting an ideal hit unleashes much more harm and knocks close by enemies into the air. Leap – permits you to leap 8 meters away earlier than plunging the sword into the bottom. Soften Earth Flip

The everyday eighth most typical ability for the Berserker tends to be primarily based on participant desire. Some gamers take Highly effective swings for extra single goal harm, whereas some gamers take Whirlwind for AOE or Wind Blade for an additional cost ability.

The beauty of this Misplaced Ark Berserker construct is that there are not any agreed meta tripods primarily based on the RU information. If you happen to actually like making your individual gameplay type,  this Misplaced Ark class and gameplay type provide precisely that.

Misplaced Ark Awakening Expertise

Like all Misplaced Ark courses, every class has two completely different Misplaced Ark Awakening abilities. The 2 Misplaced Ark Berserker Awakening abilities are the Chain of Vengeance and the Berserker’s Fury.  

The Chain of Vengeance is all about dragging your enemies nearer to you, doing harm after which yeeting them away. In the meantime, the Berserker’s Fury enchants your sword. You get a cost bar, and the longer you maintain it the extra harm with will do and its vary will enhance per cost degree.

You’ll unlock these abilities ultimately sport. You get the primary at degree 50, and the second comes from a later questline. To make use of these abilities you want a reagent you should buy in-game along with your in-game forex.

Misplaced Ark Berserker Engravings

Lost Ark Berserker guide
Picture by way of Smilegate.

Because the Misplaced Ark Berskerer Information is essentially primarily based on the Mayhem engraving, we suggest the Mayhem Bersker Engraving. You’ll be able to degree this to 3 if you want, and get the additional harm bonuses and harm resistance bonuses for being in Berserker mode always.

As for the generic Misplaced Ark Engravings, we extremely suggest you are taking the next generic harm engravings: Cursed Doll, Adrenaline, and Grudge. The Misplaced Ark Berserker is not going to have to fret in regards to the detrimental results these class engravings detrimental results. The explanation why is as a result of they’ve fairly a number of dashes in his package due to your short-range ability prices. Moreso, a few of these abilities, like Hell Blade get a leap tripod, so you’ll be able to at all times use these abilities in case of emergency. 

Nonetheless, if you happen to get hit, then remember that it possible means dying, as you will have a lot decrease well being than regular, and the Cursed doll reduces your therapeutic. All in all, it’s a harmful place to be in if you happen to do get hit.

Nonetheless, in case you are not snug with the danger, the Heavy Armor engraving is worth it. This generic engraving provides further defensive stats to your character, guaranteeing your added security in lethal conditions.

As for different recommendations, you’ll be able to at all times fiddle with Grasp of Ambush or Raid Chief. The explanation why is as a result of the Berserker has some again assault abilities you can reap the reward of if you happen to go that course. Nonetheless, the opposite engaging ability is Raid Chief, as you get further harm primarily based on how a lot you progress. Since virtually each ability will get a slight motion buff, you’ll be able to simply use this.

All in all, the Engravings you need are similar to the opposite excessive DPS centered melee characters, just like the Deathblade and the Shadow Hunter.

Misplaced Ark Berseker Gems

There’s numerous variation in the most effective Bersker gems. Berserkers require their abilities to do essentially the most harm. So, the apparent alternative is to place assault energy gems in your greatest abilities like Hell Blade, End Strike and Tempest Slash. Nonetheless, you’ll greater than possible get conversant in the Berserkers has. This isn’t as unhealthy because the current agility nerfs in Korea meant the Berserker acquired some lowered CDs, however you could discover your class feels sluggish at occasions. 

If you happen to’re not a fan of sluggishness, we suggest placing cooldown gems in your abilities with lengthy CDs. Altrenraitevly, apply the Fast Prep tripod in your abilities to get again within the motion a lot faster. Nonetheless, if you happen to really feel your CDs are effective, then you’ll be able to go all-in on that assault energy and even some casting pace on abilities like Hell Blade.

This concludes our Misplaced Ark Berserker Information. If you happen to loved this Misplaced Ark class information, why not take a look at our different newbie guides in our Misplaced Ark hub?


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