My Time at Sandrock – How To Get Quartz


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Although not probably the most in-demand uncooked materials in My Time at Sandrock, Quartz is a crucial element in crafting a number of key objects and machines, comparable to tempered glass and the furnace. 

As with many points of its quarrying and gathering, My Time at Sandrock isn’t the most effective at pointing you within the route of a dependable supply of Quartz. We’re to assist with a information to the whole lot it is advisable find out about getting Quartz in My Time at Sandrock.

Mining For Quartz In My Time at Sandrock

My Time at Sandrock - How To Get Quartz

You possibly can collect Quartz by hacking away along with your decide hammer at gravel rocks peppered all through the Eufaula Desert expanse to the south and east of the workshop.

You’ll acknowledge gravel rocks for his or her round form, orange colour, and distinctive brown-ish stripes. They arrive in numerous sizes, usually specified by clumps of 1 to 2 rocks. The world lining the rail tracks within the route of the water tower is a very great place for gravel farming.

Although not assured, every gravel rock can yield 1 Quartz alongside a haul of different sources comparable to stone, dew, dinas, and sandworms. Gravel rocks are likely to respawn every day, so don’t hesitate to sleep and return to a identified location near house for those who’re struggling to search out new clusters additional afield.

We advocate upgrading to the bronze pickhammer as quickly as attainable to make harvesting gravel rocks sooner and extra environment friendly. The stamina prices per rock are significantly decrease than utilizing the fundamental pickhammer.

The place To Purchase Quartz

My Time at Sandrock - How To Get Quartz

As with most uncooked supplies in My Time at Sandrock, there’s additionally the choice to spend your Gols on Quartz.

Amirah’s Ceramic Gate store, situated up the steps to the correct of Sandrock’s metropolis corridor, shares as much as 10 Quartz so that you can purchase. Pricing sits on common round 15 Gols. As with most shops in My Time at Sandrock, the value can rise and drop a handful of Gols relying on the day.

Shopping for isn’t probably the most environment friendly or cost-effective answer, however for those who’re lacking a single Quartz to craft an merchandise, it’s a useful option to tide you over till your subsequent gravel mining run.

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