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New World’s weapon system is maybe one of the vital fascinating weapon methods in any MMORPG. Amazon Video games designed a system that permits gamers to take any weapons of their selecting, creating a combination of builds and playstyles distinctive to the person. For essentially the most half, nearly each weapon has a spot within the sport, even when one or two weapons are moderately overpowered.

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Virtually each weapon can really feel pretty first rate, particularly if you get it roughly stage seven weapon mastery. By that time, you’ll have greater than doubtless obtained the three weapon abilities you wish to use, together with an improve or two and passive. Whereas that’s sufficient to get the ball rolling, some weapons usually are not full till approach later. In case you actually wish to maximise your weapon’s potential, you’ll have to farm out weapon mastery expertise. Right here we train you all about find out how to stage weapons quick in New World. 

Find out how to stage New World weapons quick

You actually don’t want a lot expertise to get a weapon to mastery stage 5, particularly within the early sport. Nonetheless, it gained’t be lengthy till you encounter your weapon mastery transferring slowly. Likelihood is the weapon mastery stage is right down to out levelling the present enemies, or it’s on par to your stage. That signifies that Amazon Video games designed weapon mastery to be a sluggish grind. Thankfully, we’ll train you find out how to stage New World weapons quick to your stage bracket.

Weapon catch up

Hitting greater stage enemies rewards extra base weapon XP so to fly via the early weapon mastery ranges. It’s the best technique of leveling your New World weapons quick. Moreso, weapon scaling is affected by your character attributes, so mild and heavy assaults will nonetheless do affordable injury to greater stage mobs. After all, that is presuming you respec to the weapon’s attribute focus for those who’re making a whole change to an entire new sort of weapon. I.E swapping from a Hearth Workers to a Warhammer requires an entire character attribute reset.  The opposite benefit of that is that greater stage gamers can nonetheless abuse the next find out how to stage New World weapons quick concepts to their benefit.


New World Expeditions
Amrine is the primary expedition you possibly can repeatedly farm for XP. Picture by way of Amazon Video games.

Expeditions are a part of New World’s primary story, along with your first introduction to expedition requiring 5 gamers to enter Amrine Expedition round stage 25. After that, you get to do a brand new instanced dungeon each 10 ranges till stage 55, the place you will get entry to a different two-level 60 dungeons designed for finish sport gamers.

These expeditions are instanced content material, the place you and a bunch of 4 different gamers can repeatedly head in and destroy mobs for focused loot. The great factor is that these expeditions are crammed with elite enemies. It means you will get far more weapon mastery expertise on repeat with no participant contest. Moreso, if you will get environment friendly runs going, you’ll get far more character and weapon expertise per hour than common out of doors content material.

As you start to out-level the content material, you’ll get much less and fewer expertise, which means you’ll have to maneuver on to different areas. Fortunately, there are elite out of doors areas within the open world, which supply possibilities at loot from bosses, chests and common elites. 

Elite areas

Elite areas in New World are a few of the most harmful areas within the sport. They provide gamers the possibility to kind events, taking un hordes of elite enemies within the out of doors world. The most effective factor about it’s they provide a extremely good expertise and have the possibility to drop blue high quality tier weapons. The blue merchandise drops do rely upon the rarity of the chests or a boss mob’s loot desk, although.

As mentioned within the Expeditions sections, combating elite enemies near your stage vary affords extremely good participant expertise and weapon mastery expertise. You’ll be able to go to those areas and farm blue high quality gear from these elites areas. Alternatively, you possibly can go to areas which have elite bosses with few elite NPCs close by. Attributable to mob density, some areas are extra environment friendly than others. However, all these elite areas are value contemplating, particularly if some elite areas are already busy.

Moreover, you possibly can seize elite quests, which require a bunch to tackle a world boss. You usually get these New World elite quests after stage 30, particularly if you attain the mid-game zones. These quests usually are not that environment friendly for levelling your New World weapons quick, however they will help in case you are in a dry spot.  

Elite bosses and dense enemy areas:

Listed here are some examples of elite areas or elite bosses you possibly can collect a bunch for and farm for objects, XP, or weapon mastery.

  • Deadman’s Cove – A cove on the south of Monarch’s Bluff crammed with stage 25 elites. – You will get a blue T2 Rapier and Musket drop – pirate-themed weapons from the enemies within the space.
  • Benjamin the Unbound – Stage 32 elite discovered on the underside left island in Cutlass keys. He drops the Stormbinder’s Nice Axe.
  • The Azoth Tree –  Stage 32 Indignant Earth enemies with Ceran, an elite boss guarding the Azoth tree in Brightwood.
  • Misanthrope  Broadbin – Present in Pond Scum Fort on the Haunted Isle surrounded by stage 35 enemies.
  • Brightwood Isle – Stage 34 elites.
  • Soddenswale – Soddenswale is an space in Weaver’s Fen, containing two main enemy NPC landmarks. Each Perivale and Karburg have dense mob places, with Perivale containing stage 40 mobs, whereas Karbug has stage 38 enemies. Be aware that Karbug has loads of T2 chests, whereas Perivale has two Tier 4 elite chests guarded by bosses
  • Stone Cranium Fort – Three stage 40 elite bosses known as the Executioner, Tax Collector, and Goldstein the Equalizer guard two Tier 4 Elite chests on the Stone Cranium fort in Cutlass Keys.  

Use each weapons

If you’re decrease stage or are farming to stage two New World weapons quick, bear in mind to assault with each weapons. Utilizing each weapons on a mob that dies grants weapon expertise to each weapon masteries. It’s best to do these just about in every single place, whether or not that’s combating elites, questioning or PvP.

Do injury with the Life Workers

New World Life Staff New World Healer Build

If you’re a healer in an elite group or in an expedition, bear in mind to wreck along with your Life Workers. As said, you solely get expertise or your weapon as lengthy you hit the mob with an assault earlier than it dies. Most New World healer builds may have the passive that permits them to heal allies with main assaults. So, it is best to line up your allies with the mob you might be attacking to make sure you heal and do injury. Alternatively, spec into Beacon to make sure the Life Workers’s solely damaging ability is getting you weapon XP and therapeutic allies concurrently.


PvP grants gamers numerous weapon expertise for participating, together with much more participant expertise of getting PvP enabled. Whereas the motivation is there, it generally shouldn’t be that environment friendly. If you wish to know find out how to stage New World weapons quick, then it is best to keep away from PvP. If you find yourself dying so much in PvP, it may be a lot much less environment friendly. The one time we suggest abusing it’s by participating in big servers occasions, like Fort takeovers, Wars and different content material like that.

Are you conscious of any strategies of find out how to stage New World weapons quick? Tell us within the feedback so we will all get our supreme construct rolling.


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