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NWDB MapWindsward – Close to city, by Fishing quest begin NPCBroad2NWDB MapWindsward – East, by Breakwater BulwarkBroad2NWDB MapFirst Gentle – in Hatchburg FisheryBroad3NWDB MapFirst Gentle – in ForellacBroad4NWDB MapFirst Gentle – Southeast of cityBroad4NWDB MapFirst Gentle – N, East of Nyhart’s AnchorageBroad7NWDB MapWindsward – East, on Stoneview SeabreakUncommon7NWDB MapFirst Gentle – N, Millberry Hills, by Clearwater BendBroad9NWDB MapFirst Gentle – in SaircorBroad12NWDB MapWindsward – by Hermit (Fisherman’s Bend)Secret12NWDB MapEverfall – by CanisBroad16Doesn’t present icon on map when unlocked (bug)NWDB MapEverfall – In Meadow Lake FisheryBroad16NWDB MapCutlass Keys – South of FortBroad20NWDB MapEverfall – East of EverfallUncommon20NWDB MapCutlass Keys – West of city, by Snaggletooth BurrowBroad25NWDB MapWeaver’s Fen – West of Fort, prime of waterfallBroad25NWDB MapCutlass Keys – Far S, in Salty Snail FisherySecret27NWDB MapWeaver’s Fen – W, W of KarburgBroad27NWDB MapEverfall – North of CityUncommon30NWDB MapWeaver’s Fen – Far East, in The Mud BarBroad30NWDB MapMonarch’s Bluffs – West of CityBroad34NWDB MapMonarch’s Bluffs – In Lakeside FarmBroad37NWDB MapBrightwood – by Brightwood IsleBroad37NWDB MapBrightwood – Northeast of Azoth TreeBroad41NWDB MapStressed Shore – Between Fort and Rabbit IslandBroad41NWDB MapStressed Shore – West of city, by WF borderBroad45NWDB MapCutlass Keys – Far SE, by Clearmon’s DoubtUncommon45NWDB MapMourningdale – South of Padre NunezBroad52NWDB MapNice Cleave – E, SE of EastburnBroad52NWDB MapEdengrove – N of Valor Maintain, by Genesis of SpiteBroad56NWDB MapCutlass Keys – SW, by Lightning FieldsUncommon56NWDB MapEbonscale Attain – SW, W of Stormcourt FieldsBroad59NWDB MapReekwater – N, S of Sharptooth GoBroad59NWDB MapWeaver’s Fen – S, by Wretched ShallowsUncommon60NWDB MapWeaver’s Fen – SW, by South Vega BridgeUncommon60NWDB MapWeaver’s Fen – N, by EG borderUncommon62NWDB MapCutlass Keys – by MalocchioSecret62NWDB MapMonarch’s Bluffs – South of Fort, by Grasp Fisher WarwickUncommon67NWDB MapMonarch’s Bluffs – Southwest of WatchtowerUncommon67NWDB MapEbonscale Attain – South, in swamp by MB border (Crimson Shallows)Broad70NWDB MapBrightwood – W, by ER borderUncommon70NWDB MapWeaver’s Fen – West of Fort, center of waterfallSecret70NWDB MapStressed Shore – North of Eridanus, by Treetop Terror/The DepthsUncommon74NWDB MapStressed Shore – West of Eridanus, by WF borderUncommon74NWDB MapStressed Shore – West of BoarsholmUncommon78NWDB MapMourningdale – SE, East of FortUncommon83NWDB MapMourningdale – in New Balefire (on the island in center)Uncommon83NWDB MapMourningdale – S, Flooded Plains, S of SubraUncommon88NWDB MapWeaver’s Fen – SE, by Hazel’s CaveSecret88NWDB MapEdengrove – E, E of MalevolenceUncommon95NWDB MapShattered Mountain – NE of Mountainrise, by Grasp Fisher BernardUncommon95NWDB MapReekwater – E, SE Tricorne ShoalUncommon99NWDB MapMonarch’s Bluffs – Far Southwest nookSecret99NWDB MapReekwater – SE, W of Syleio SekoUncommon103NWDB MapReekwater – South, Siren’s StandUncommon110NWDB MapMonarch’s Bluffs – In Alioth, by EF borderSecret110NWDB MapEbonscale Attain – NE, NE nook of lakeUncommon114Not on compass – could also be barely buggedNWDB MapEbonscale Attain – S of Bridge to Dynasty PalaceUncommon117NWDB MapBrightwood – NE, N Greyvale, by borderSecret117NWDB MapStressed Shore – E, in island chainSecret117NWDB MapStressed Shore – Simply northeast of Fort DamnationSecret128NWDB MapStressed Shore – West of city, by RW borderSecret134No hexagon border border on map (bug)NWDB MapEbonscale Attain – SE Nook by EF FortUncommon141NWDB MapMourningdale – E, South of Scorpius, by Damaged PromiseSecret141NWDB MapMourningdale – N, by CragviewSecret148NWDB MapNice Cleave – SW, in Glass LakeSecret153NWDB MapEdengrove – NE of Valor Maintain, N of BlisterootSecret158NWDB MapEdengrove – Far East, by MD borderSecret158NWDB MapShattered Mountain – NW, N of Ambusti MinesSecret165NWDB MapReekwater – SE nook, E of Syleio SekoSecret172NWDB MapReekwater – SW NookSecret179NWDB MapReekwater – E, Center of shorelineSecret185NWDB MapReekwater – SE of city, simply N of Scavenger’s ShoreSecret185NWDB MapReekwater – in Siren’s Stand, close to Syleio SekoSecret190NWDB MapReekwater – S of Siren’s Stand, by map edgeSecret193NWDB MapEbonscale Attain – W, N of Bridge to Dynasty PalaceSecret193NWDB MapEbonscale Attain – SW of Dynasty Fireplace Shrine, by EF border/Watchtower spaceSecret197NWDB MapEbonscale Attain – NE, N Moss Mire, by Dynasty Water ShrineSecret200NWDB MapEbonscale Attain – S Palewind TerraceSecret200NWDB MapEbonscale Attain – E of FortSecret200


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