Orchid (OXT), an Ethereum (ERC-20) compliant token, is used to pay for companies on the Orchid community, a decentralized, peer-to-peer market for digital non-public community (VPN) suppliers. Orchid customers buy bandwidth with OXT and node suppliers obtain OXT as rewards for supplying bandwidth. Anybody can develop into a node or bandwidth supplier by staking OXT. Nodes are then randomly chosen primarily based on the quantity of OXT they’ve staked and by user-selected parameters reminiscent of value and site. Orchid provides customers management of their privateness by limiting an internet site from seeing their IP deal with and bodily location. The whole provide of OXT tokens is fastened at 1 billion (minus any that could be burned). Nonetheless, the circulating provide of OXT is tough to estimate at any given time as tokens are launched into the market at frequent intervals however in irregular quantities. CoinDesk additionally offers a collection of institutional-grade value indexes. Discover out extra about them right here.


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