Product Pictures, Half 8: Composition Necessities


Picture composition refers back to the association of a picture’s objects and parts. For product images, composition has one purpose: create a picture that pulls a consumer nearer to buy.

That is the eighth installment in my sequence to assist ecommerce retailers enhance their product images. “Half 1” addressed the significance of backdrops. “Half 2” defined tripods. “Half 3” examined the basics of synthetic lighting. “Half 4” reviewed angles and viewpoints, “Half 5” handled selecting a digicam. “Half 6” assessed lenses and their significance, and “Half 7” centered on magnification and close-ups.

On this “Half 8,” I’ll clarify photograph composition and why it’s vital. I’ll overview two compositional guidelines to assist create distinctive product images.

Rule of Thirds

Image of a candle from with the subject slightly off center on a superimposed grid.

In photograph composition, the rule of thirds dictates setting the first topic barely off-center. A digicam grid may also help. Picture:

The rule of thirds is essential when taking pictures merchandise. It’s straightforward to implement and might drastically affect how a consumer views a product.

Centering a product in the midst of a body appears logical, however it gained’t set your objects aside.

As an alternative, apply the rule of thirds, which is to offset from the middle barely. The rule states that the topic of a picture must be positioned on the intersection of predetermined vertical and horizontal traces. An iPhone digicam, for instance, has a grid setting to assist, at Settings > Digicam > Grid.  Almost all DSLR cameras have an analogous instrument.

Any such offset picture is helpful as a result of it creates a pure focus that pulls in viewers. Having the topic in one-third of the composition with the remaining two-thirds balanced with adverse area is enticing, and extra importantly, feels proper to a viewer.

Rule of Odds

Image from showing two images: (a) three bottles of body wash and (b) three deodorant sticks.

The rule of odds requires grouping a number of objects in a photograph in odd numbers, corresponding to three or 5. This instance from makes use of teams of three.

The rule of odds is one other easy but efficient composition tactic for product images. The rule states that when taking pictures a couple of object, at all times group in odd numbers. Odd-numbered groupings drive the human eye to work tougher to view every merchandise.

Our brains naturally search order and group. An odd pairing of merchandise makes your unconscious thoughts work tougher. The impact is to drive buyers to spend extra time on product photographs.

Procter & Gamble’s makes use of the idea. The physique wash and deodorant photographs on the house web page, above, include three objects. However every product throughout the picture is exclusive, with slight discrepancies in shade and readability, prompting the viewer to pause. The outcome entices buyers to click on. It’s terrific, highly effective photograph composition.

Three or 5 merchandise are typically the perfect for product images groupings. Differentiate the objects by stacking a few of them on a unique aircraft, pairing a bigger object with a smaller one, or various the gap or angle.

This image from Apple features five iPhones at different angles, distrances, and colors.

This picture from Apple options 5 iPhones at completely different angles, distances, and colours.

Attempt to break up a boring, horizontal line of merchandise by forming a triangle or a vertical association. (I’ll tackle diagonal composition in a later installment.)

Image from of three apples in a triangle.

Setting objects in a triangle, corresponding to these three apples, is healthier than a easy horizontal line. Supply:

Lastly, use a digicam’s lens focus to your benefit. Not each topic in a picture must be fully clear, as demonstrated by the deodorant instance. Discover an aesthetically pleasing format and experiment with the perfect focus. Attempt new preparations and settings. Create photographs that can have interaction your buyers and drive gross sales.


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