Rocking your model: how music can affect model notion


Neuromarketing Precept:

Cognitive Disfluency: That is the psychological effort required to grasp one thing that differs from our expectations. In music, we will communicate of perceived music disfluency. Music with irregular contours requires extra cognitive processing.

Can music make or break a model’s picture? It would. In reality, over 90% of TV and radio advertisements include little to no phrases, closely counting on music to speak their message. 

A latest examine bridging advertising and marketing, musicology, and cognitive psychology sheds mild on the reply. The findings present precious insights into the function of music in branding and spotlight the significance of particular musical traits in shaping client perceptions.

The hidden energy of music on model notion

Music is a common language that resonates with everybody. It has an omnipresence in our day by day lives and shaping our moods. On the planet of promoting, music has been acknowledged as a strong software that may considerably affect client responses. Nonetheless, whereas analysis on communication and branding has extensively explored visible stimuli, the auditory dimension of communications stays comparatively uncharted territory.

A rising physique of analysis has revealed intriguing insights about how completely different music traits can have an effect on perceptions of promoting stimuli. For example, high-pitched melodies could make advertising and marketing stimuli seem extra thrilling, whereas low pitches make advertising and marketing messages extra summary and make merchandise appear larger. 

Furthermore, the tempo, and rhythm of music also can evoke particular client responses. Quick-paced music triggers ideas of cheerfulness, pleasure, and vitality, whereas agency rhythms could make meals merchandise appear saltier and sourer. Even the quantity and style of music can sway client notion, with loud music inducing optimistic emotions and rock or electro music making manufacturers seem extra fashionable.

However what concerning the impact of music contour and tonality? 

Rising model innovativeness via disfluency

The results of music contour (melody) and tonality (concord) on client perceptions remained largely unexplored up to now. Nonetheless the newest examine counsel that there’s some untapped potential in these two music traits.



Music contour and tonality have the ability to induce particular impressions or meanings. One robust psychological mechanism behind that is perceived music disfluency: how straightforward or laborious music is to course of. Primarily, music items which are simpler to course of have an everyday contour or secure tonality. They are usually perceived as extra acquainted. When music has fairly unconventional constructions like an irregular contour or unstable tonality, they trigger type of a disfluency in our mind. It’s not what we’re used to, so it’s more durable to course of. However these type of music items are additionally seen as extra novel. As novelty is commonly related to innovativeness, this means that music items with an irregular contour or unstable tonality may improve perceptions of brand name innovativeness.  And it’s contour and tonality which have that optimistic impact, the music style doesn’t impact the notion of innovativeness. 

Nonetheless this impact is a twin sword. When music is perceived as extra disfluent and due to this fact as extra progressive, it might probably have a a detrimental affect on model evaluations, in all probability as a result of it prices our mind extra effort to course of it. However this detrimental affect may be mitigated by offering model data on how different shoppers understand or consider the model.


By analyzing the traits of music items and their perceived fluency, the examine reveals that irregular contour and unstable tonality (assume unpredictable melodies and harmonies) can heighten perceptions of brand name innovativeness, whereas music disfluency can have a detrimental affect on model evaluations. These findings present precious insights into the function of music in branding and spotlight the significance of particular musical traits in shaping client perceptions. Because of this in case your model needs to return throughout as cutting-edge and progressive, selecting music with these traits may assist enhance that picture.

Shaping model or product notion in promoting

Thus, the examine discovered that music could make or break a model’s picture. Music with an irregular contour or unstable tonality could make a model seem extra progressive, however it might probably additionally create a way of discomfort in listeners, resulting in detrimental model evaluations. Then again, music with an everyday contour or secure tonality can have the other impact, making a model seem much less progressive however extra likable and approachable. Fashionable music tends to take care of some degree of tonal stability and common contour to maintain the music accessible to a broad viewers. Whereas avant-garde or up to date classical items create disfluency on function.

If a model needs to advertise a brand new product as cutting-edge, progressive and thrilling, they may use music with an irregular contour or unstable tonality to create a way of pleasure and anticipation. An instance is the Dyson Airwrap industrial utilizing a music piece that creates a little bit of perceived disfluency by its altering contours and tonality: But additionally a comfortable drink model like Mountain Dew performs with music to create pleasure and a way of novelty. A golden oldie is their Tremendous Bowl 2000 advert utilizing Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, a tune identified for its always altering melodic contour, tone and key.

Nonetheless, if a model needs to advertise their reliability and trustworthiness, they may select music with an everyday contour or secure tonality to create a way of familiarity and luxury. Like Klarna did with their ‘Smoooth’ advertisements:

The music they used is as straightforward to course of and as smoooth because the the visuals within the video, creating a snug feeling.

Or in case you’re a model that wishes to spotlight your innovativeness, but additionally make folks really feel like your merchandise are famliar and an incredible match for day by day dwell, you may play with the music and model data. Similar to Volkswagen did on this industrial for his or her new ID.7 electrical automobile:

They use the tune Colours by Black Pumas, a tune with common contour and secure tonality to create a cheerful vibe, a way of ease and familiarity, however they improve their notion of innovativeness through the use of textual content overlays that give model details about the brand new automobile options. 

Take-home factors

In conclusion, the traits of music play a major function in shaping client perceptions and influencing advertising and marketing outcomes. By understanding and harnessing the ability of music, entrepreneurs can create simpler and impactful advertising and marketing methods. Whether or not it is selecting a high-pitched melody so as to add pleasure to a marketing campaign or utilizing music with an irregular contour to convey a way of novelty and innovation, the suitable tune could make all of the distinction in hanging a chord with shoppers.

Maintain these insights in thoughts when fascinated about music to your branding or subsequent marketing campaign:

  • If a model needs to seem progressive, you can think about using music with an irregular contour or unstable tonality. This kind of music will create a way of unpredictability and edginess, which aligns with the model’s progressive picture. 

  • If a model needs to reinforce its total picture, you can select music with an everyday contour or secure tonality. This kind of music creates a way of stability and familiarity, which may enhance optimistic model evaluations.

  • It is very important be aware that manipulating music contour and tonality is just not a magic answer for reinforcing model perceptions. Unfavourable results of music can nonetheless happen, however these may be mitigated by together with particular data in model communications. For example, when conveying details about model innovativeness, music with an everyday contour and secure tonality results in elevated model evaluations with out damaging perceptions of brand name innovativeness (just like the Volkswagen advert).

 Nonetheless, you all the time should search for a stability. As a result of music that creates an excessive amount of disfluency goes to generate too many detrimental feelings and have a detrimental impact on model notion. Just like the music piece Black Angels by George Crumb. A tune utilized in films like The Exorcist and Insidious: