Rogue Firm Glimpse: First look unveiled throughout Hello-Rez showcase


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Hello-Rez Studios has unveiled a primary take a look at the brand new Rogue Firm Glimpse character. The brand new rogue is a personality that’s able to going invisible and fulfils the Recon position. Here’s a nearer take a look at what you may count on from Rogue Firm’s Glimpse.

Excuse the pun, however that is solely just a little Glimpse on the character. The audio on the Hello-Rez stream was moderately unbalanced, to say the least, making it pretty obscure the complete breadth of the builders’ dialog. If there are inaccuracies, then why.

Rogue Firm Glimpse

Glimpse is a personality that was conceived means again within the early days of the Rogue Firm. Nonetheless, she is the primary decide to get a reveal for 2022, and sure the following one to launch after the current addition of Umbra. The core of her package’s playstyle depends on going invisible as her energetic potential, permitting her to shock her enemies. When Glimpse enter camo, you may feint blurs of a lady working across the place. Moreso, she offers off mud when she lands after leaping, so there are a number of visible cues to concentrate to. So, it’s not completely excellent invisibility, as that might be moderately damaged.

As for her weapons, it seems she carries a P12K sidearm and has entry to 2 smoke grenades, with the opposite throwable being Semex, basically sharing the identical throwables as Lancer. Her main weapons look like the Nightshade rifle or the Knight.

A for her Recon passive position, she doesn’t get correct info on monitoring her enemies. As an alternative, she detects enemies. She will get arrow indicators periodically, giving her a unfastened concept of what her enemies are as much as, moderately than correct pings, as we see with Talon’s throwable.

Aside from that, there wasn’t that a lot else stated, minus different idea artwork segments. In case you’re considering that type of content material, now we have despatched a hyperlink to a good timestamp of the photographs. There’s additionally some point out of lore there, together with references to the character Phantom. Simply don’t count on to listen to what they’re saying.


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