Rogue Legacy 2 Class Information: Boxer


Many of the melee courses in Rogue Legacy 2 battle with bladed weapons. Swords, axes and polearms are hardly briefly provide right here. However typically, going medieval in your foes simply isn’t going to chop it. That’s the place the Boxer is available in, bringing with it a one-two punch of energy and pace that can go away enemies on the ropes. This highly effective pugilist takes on enemies and managers with nothing however the uncooked energy saved of their fists. In the event you prefer to stand up shut and private, taking dangers and throwing jabs, the Boxer is the proper class for you in Rogue Legacy 2. 

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Rogue Legacy 2 Boxer weapon 

Unsurprisingly, the Boxer wields Boxing Gloves as their most important weapon in Rogue Legacy 2. These gloves permit the boxer to strike extremely shortly, racking up hits in a matter of seconds. 

Holding down the assault button permits the Boxer to carry out a fast string of punches. And holding up while attacking will remodel the punches into uppercuts, launching enemies into the air. From there, you’ll be able to proceed your assault, or just wait to your foes to come back crashing again down. 

With each punch that connects, you apply a stack of the Combo standing to an enemy. Combo will increase the injury dealt by the Boxer by 2%, and Combo may be stacked as much as a most of 30 instances, granting a staggering 60% injury enhance at full. 

And the injury boosting potential of Combo doesn’t cease there. When 15 stacks or extra are utilized, each subsequent hit by the boxer turns into an automated ability crit. It’s virtually a necessity to maintain as a lot Combo utilized as doable, turning your Boxer into a real powerhouse with assistance from near-constant crits. On prime of this, any sprint assaults that the Boxer performs are additionally automated ability crits. You need to actually be trying to maximise your crit injury boosts when enjoying because the Boxer, given the convenience with which you’ll obtain them. 

Rogue Legacy 2 Boxer Expertise 

The Boxer’s expertise in Rogue Legacy 2 is Knockout Punch, and it serves so as to add versatility to the category, in addition to a considerable injury enhance when used on the proper time. 

Knockout Punch offers injury in an space across the Boxer. In addition to dealing injury, this transfer offers heavy knockback and destroys projectiles. It is a superb choice for clearing some area for your self when changing into overwhelmed by enemies and projectiles. 

Knockout Punch additionally has the impact over consuming any energetic stacks of Combo on an enemy it hits, dealing extra injury the extra Combo they’re stricken by. Whereas this does imply that it takes time for Combo to construct again as much as the ability crit threshold, the quantity of harm that Knockout Punch offers at excessive stacks of Combo is effectively price it. 

Knockout Punch may also be used near-constantly, because it requires the Boxer to hit enemies thrice as a way to recharge. The extremely pace of the Boxer’s assaults makes this trivial to realize, permitting Knockout Punch to be activated at your discretion 

Boxer Class Passive 

Deft is the category passive that the Boxer begins with in Rogue Legacy 2. This potential doesn’t improve the Boxer’s already fearsome injury potential. As a substitute, Deft serves as a mobility choice. 

Deft continually applies the Elusive standing impact to the Boxer. Whereas underneath the impact of Elusive, you’ll be able to cross by way of any enemies that aren’t attacking. This permits the Boxer a substantial amount of positioning potential, but in addition aids of their traversal of biomes you could have visited earlier than. It’s rather a lot simpler to dash by way of an space when you’ll be able to cross by way of enemies with out the necessity to dodge or bounce! 

Boxer Secondary Class  

When the Enkindled Gauntlets are bought within the Soul Store, you achieve the flexibility to change between Boxers and Enkindled Boxers. The gauntlets will let you fairly actually throw your punches, launching the gauntlets as an explosive projectile a small distance forward of the Enkindled Boxer. 

The Enkindled Boxer is extraordinarily highly effective, however requires correct information of spacing to make use of to its full effectiveness. Whereas the Enkindled Gauntlet projectiles do distinctive injury on their very own, when allowed to journey a short distance earlier than exploding, their injury turns into an automated ability crit. And there may be maybe an much more urgent incentive to take care of your distance from enemies because the Enkindled Boxer. The projectiles that you simply launch also can injury you if you’re caught within the blast radius! So you’ll want to again up if you’re at risk of being swarmed. Attempting to punch your method out of it would solely put you in additional hazard. 

That does it for our Rogue Legacy 2 Boxer class information. For extra Rogue Legacy 2 content material, together with additional in-depth guides to courses, bosses, relics and biomes, you’ll want to take a look at our Rogue Legacy 2 hub! 


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