Should You Get Facebook Blueprint Certified? [2023 Guide]


Meta Blueprint (previously known as Facebook Blueprint) courses can boost Facebook ad practitioners’ skills. Getting certified can be especially helpful if you’re new to the industry or are stuck in a rut.

But you might still be wondering, should I take the plunge? Or will this be a time-consuming piece of digital fluff thrown onto my resume? Well, we’ve got the answers in this post. By the end of this piece, you’ll know everything you need to know about getting Facebook Blueprint certified and whether it’s right for you.

What is Meta (Facebook) Blueprint?

Meta Blueprint is an online hub that offers learning courses, training programs, and certifications to increase your skills on Meta’s platforms.

Meta designed Blueprint to help marketers and business owners get the most out of Meta’s marketing platforms. While many courses and training programs are free, Meta Blueprint certification badges come with a cost.

Meta Blueprint (also known by its previous name, Facebook Blueprint) has a wide and varied course catalog. Subjects include areas like audiences, strategy, optimization, commerce, and advertising, among others.

The Blueprint catalog offers a range of beginner and intermediate courses across the following topics:

Bringing your business online

These courses are for those looking to get a business going online. This topic covers things like who your audience is, the customer journey, and how to set marketing goals.

You can learn how to tell your business story through branding, how to create and manage a content calendar, and how to be authentic in your messaging.

Establishing your presence

Courses in this category will show you:

  • how to connect to potential customers,
  • the business basics of Instagram, and
  • how you can connect your brand to your client base via WhatsApp.

Attracting your audience

This category is pretty self-explanatory. It shows you how to attract an audience on social media. You’ll learn how to plan what you post on Instagram and how to make that content stand out on the crowded feed.

Building relationships

These courses teach you how to foster a community by engaging with people to build an audience. You’ll see tactics like communicating via WhatsApp and going live on platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Improving your creative strategy

This category explains ways to improve your creative strategies. This may be creating ads from your Facebook Page or tips for your Instagram Stories. You’ll also receive advice on how to better engage with mobile ads.

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Optimizing your strategy

Here, you’ll see how to set up things like digital gift cards. You can learn how to use shops to boost sales, turn Instagram posts into ads, and how to best use paid online events. This section touches on Instagram Insights, Facebook Business Suite, and Instagram ads.

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Selling your products

This category shows you how to sell on Facebook and Instagram. You’ll learn how to set up a shop, use Commerce Manager, and host your products on Facebook catalogs. You can explore ways to make sure your customers are satisfied, expand your business, and (most importantly) make more money!

Psst: We’re invested in your investments, too! Here’s a quick vid on how to make more money on Instagram:

Advertising from a Facebook Page

These courses will help you get up and running with Facebook ads. You’ll learn how to create ads, choose placements, and align your goals with a campaign objective. It has areas that discuss ad creative, editing, objectives, and budgets.

Bettering your Ads in Manager

You’ll learn how to effectively promote a business with Facebook ads. This category shows you how to get started, what’s up with the Facebook pixel, and ways to improve your ads and campaigns.

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Montesing content

This category shows you how to make money from your content! It includes topics like Facebook Stars, online events, and using your reach and community to better your business.

Blueprint also has courses specific to Meta platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. With over 100 mini-courses, Meta blueprint courses are far-reaching and varied.

Who should take Meta Blueprint courses?

Meta Blueprint courses are great for two things: To learn and to get certified.

For those looking to learn

If you just want to understand how Meta platform marketing works, free Meta Blueprint courses are a great way to build your expertise.

People in this category can range from new marketers to industry professionals looking to hone their skills to business owners who want to use Meta platforms for their brands. You could be in marketing science, creative strategy, media buying, marketing development, and API development professions.

It’s important to note that Meta Blueprint courses are (obviously) for Meta platforms only. If you’re looking for a broader reach of knowledge, head to the “When is Facebook Blueprint certification worth it?” section for our recommendations.

For those looking to get certified

Those looking to get Blueprint certified will also benefit from the Meta Blueprint courses. You’ll want to study the relevant Blueprint certification course before taking the exam, as they can be pretty intense.

You may want a certification badge for a number of reasons. Its benefits include helping your resume stand out from the crowd, lending trust to your freelance practice, or simply as a badge for marketing bragging rights.

When is Facebook Blueprint certification worth it?

Facebook Blueprint certification is worth it for digital ads professionals who want to focus on Meta platforms only. These are Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

If you are a digital ad professional or general practitioner marketer, you should consider Hootsuite Academy’s Social Ads course. Hootsuite Academy’s Social Ads course covers the whole social marketing landscape, not just Meta platforms.

Hootsuite Academy’s course is an “industry-recognized certification that shows you know how social supports organizational goals and objectives.” It involves lessons ranging from beginner to advanced and culminates in a 50-question exam.

Through video tutorials, you will learn about subjects like

  • setting campaign goals,
  • remarketing and lookalike audiences,
  • building and testing social ads, and
  • measuring ad campaign impact.

Still thirsty for knowledge? Here are Hootsuite’s top 8 certifications and courses you can take on social media marketing. Or, if you’re just looking for a la carte courses, check out the Hootsuite Lab’s video channel (it’s free!).

Frequently asked questions about Meta (Facebook) Blueprint

Are you still curious? We have answers to your frequently asked questions about Meta (Facebook) Blueprint right here.

Is Meta/Facebook Blueprint certification free?

No, certification is not free. Each Meta certification costs between $99 and $150, depending on the certificate.

How do I get Facebook Blueprint certification?

You get Facebook Blueprint certification once you complete one of the exams. Your certification type will depend on which exam you take. If you pass the Digital Marketing Associate exam? Then you would have a Meta Certified Digital Marketing Associate certification.

Is Facebook Blueprint certification worth it?

It depends on what you are looking to get out of it. The courses and training modules are full of valuable information, especially for people new to the game. The certification badges can be helpful for freelancers looking to grow their client base. Or people looking to get hired by a marketing agency or team.

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