Snapchat Announces New Partnership with Data Management Platform Tealium


Snapchat has announced a new partnership with data management platform Tealium, which will enable Tealium to provide a simplified process for gathering more data on your Snap campaigns, via Snap’s Conversions API.

Snapchat Tealium

Through this new official partnership, Tealium will be able to facilitate more access to customer data in real time, incorporating web, mobile, and offline sources, helping to power your Snap ads.

As per Snap:

“The partnership now allows both Snap and Tealium clients to quickly implement Snap’s Conversions API (CAPI) signal solution without needing to build a bespoke back-end integration. This will help advertisers better optimize their campaigns, improve targeting, and measure conversions, all with a simple plug-in.”

Essentially, Tealium will be empowered to get more Snap ad partners utilizing more data insights, via the API and its own data resources.

Tealium was also recently announced as Reddit’s initial Conversions API integration partner, while it also recently joined the LinkedIn Marketing Partner Program to provide more insight into LinkedIn campaigns.

It could be a good way to improve your Snap campaign performance, by utilizing more data points to inform your approach.

Indeed, Tealium says that its technical partnerships “can reduce cost per acquisition, improve ROAS, and deliver anywhere from 5-25% average increase in observable conversions”.

It seems like a good deal for both Snap and Tealium, with Snap looking to put more focus on building its ad business, and Tealium building its partnerships, making it a more valuable source for conversions data solutions.

If you’re looking to spend big on Snap, it’s worth taking a look at your options on this front.

You can learn more about the Snap/Tealium partnership here.