The right way to Practice LLMs in your Information Base Information | by Stefan Kojouharov | Apr, 2024


Experiments in Organizing Data for Optimum Retrieval

Initially Printed on my Substack

So just lately, I’ve been experimenting with data bases, and the way data is structured is important.

In some sense, it immediately pertains to the context and general that means. It additionally makes it simpler for LLMs to reply questions precisely and reduces hallucinations.

And so we created a couple of experiments which you can play with and check your self.

However first, why does data construction matter?

Think about a library. One room has books strewn in all places, titles combined up, and no discernible order. In one other room, the books are organized by topic, then by writer, then by publication date. Which room would allow you to discover the e-book you need extra effectively?

LLMs are related. The best way data is offered and arranged dictates not solely their understanding but additionally their output.

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