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What are the very best weapons in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands? See our Wonderlands weapons Tier Checklist.

All the weapons listed are distinctive, that means they’ve purple textual content.

These are largely legendary weapons, however there are just a few blue and purple weapons too.

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Weapons Tier Checklist in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

  • S Tier – greatest weapons, nice for end-game and Chaos Ranges
  • A Tier – nice weapons, works on Chaos Degree with the correct construct
  • B Tier – mediocre weapons, good for Regular mode, however fall off on Chaos Ranges
  • C Tier – largely quest rewards, enjoyable to make use of however not for end-game content material
  • All Parts – Hearth, Poison, Lightning, Frost, Darkish Magic, and Kinetic.
  • Kinetic – non-elemental weapon
  • Hearth – nice towards well being
  • Poison – efficient towards armor (yellow bar)
  • Lightning – good versus ward (protect)
  • Frost – elevated injury towards boned enemies (white bar)
  • Darkish Magic – heals you
  • Content material – tells you if the weapon is in the primary recreation or in one of many 4 DLCs
  • Farm Supply – the identify of the enemy that drops the weapon or different supply you may get it from

All the weapons may be farmed most effectively on the finish of a Chaos Chamber Run from the Chamber Bunnies. In case you personal the DLC and beat the mirror of that DLC, the weapons from that DLC are added to the Chaos Chambers.

Wonderlands Guns Tier List 1
Picture by way of Gearbox Software program

Assault Rifles – Wonderlands Weapons Tier Checklist

TitlePartsProducerRarityContent materialFarm SupplyTier
Crossbolt GeneratorKineticBlackpowderLegendaryBase RecreationKastor, World DropB
DonkeyPoisonStokerLegendaryBase RecreationDroll the Troll, World DropA
Dreadlord’s BestDarkish MagicStokerUncommonBase RecreationQuest RewardC
Echoing PhoenixHearthBlackpowderLegendaryMolten Mirrors DLCFyodor, DLC World DropA
Eight PieceKineticSkullduggerUncommonBase RecreationQuest RewardC
Lil Ok’s Bread SlicerAll PartsStokerLegendaryBase RecreationWorld DropB
Handbook TransmissionAll PartsStokerLegendaryBase RecreationVorcanar, World DropB
MistrialKineticDAHLIAUncommonBase RecreationQuest RewardC
Quad BowAll PartsDAHLIALegendaryBase RecreationWorld DropA
Rogue ImpHearthSkulduggerLegendaryBase RecreationWorld DropA
Thunder AnimaLightningSkulduggerLegendaryBase RecreationWorld DropA
VengeanceDarkish MagicTorgueLegendaryShattering Spectreglass DLCDLC World DropS

S Tier Assault Rifles

A Tier Assault Rifles

This weapon was fairly unhealthy in the beginning however obtained an honest buff in patch 1.02.0B and is now enjoyable to make use of.

  • Echoing Phoenix
  • Quad Bow
  • Rogue Imp
  • Thunder Anima

B Tier Assault Rifles

  • Crossbolt Generator
  • Lil Ok’s Bread Slicer
  • Handbook Transmission

C Tier Assault Rifles

  • Dreadlord’s Best
  • Eight Piece
  • Mistrial


TitlePartsProducerRarityContent materialFarm SupplyTier
AUTOMAGIC.exeAll Parts besides KineticStokerLegendaryBase RecreationBanshee, World DropA
ApexDarkish MagicDAHLIALegendaryDragon Lord PackInboxB
BirthrightFrostStokerEpicBase RecreationQuest RewardC
Boniface’s SoulAll PartsFerioreLegendaryBase RecreationMike, World DropB
ButterboomKineticTorgueLegendaryGlutton’s Gamble DLCImelda, DLC World DropB
CatacumboLightningBlackpowderLegendaryBase RecreationWorld DropA
GluttonyDarkish MagicFerioreLegendaryBase RecreationDroll, World DropA
Goblin RepellantPoisonSkulduggerUncommonBase RecreationQuest RewardC
HeadcannonKineticTorgueEpicBase RecreationQuest RewardC
Liquid CoolingFrostSkulduggerLegendaryBase RecreationLissia, World DropS
Masterwork HandbowKineticBlackpowderLegendaryBase RecreationCaptain Swallow, World DropA
MessagePoisonTorgueLegendaryBase RecreationWorld DropB
PerceiverAny ComponentDAHLIALegendaryBase RecreationOculus, World DropB
Pookie’s Chew ToyKineticBlackpowderUncommonBase RecreationQuest RewardC
Queen’s CryFrostStokerLegendaryBase RecreationThe Maker, World DropA
Ruby’s SpiteDarkish MagicDAHLIALegendaryBase RecreationMonstrous Shroom, World DropS

S Tier Pistols

Even after nerfs to Liquid Cooling in patch, it’s nonetheless probably the greatest pistols in Wonderlands. Its solely flaw is the ammo consumption.

A Tier Pistols

  • Catacumbo
  • Gluttony
  • Masterwork Handbow
  • Queen’s Cry

B Tier Pistols

  • Apex
  • Boniface’s Soul
  • Butterboom
  • Message
  • Perceiver

C Tier Pistols

  • Birthright
  • Goblin Repellant
  • Headcannon
  • Pookie’s Chew Toy

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Wonderlands Guns Tier List 2
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Submachine Weapons – Wonderlands Weapons Tier Checklist

TitleComponentProducerRarityContent materialFarm SupplyTier
Blazing VolleyHearthHyperiusLegendaryBase RecreationWorld DropB
Borea’s BreathFrostFerioreLegendaryBase RecreationRibula, World DropB
Dry’l’s LegacyHearthHyperiusEpicBase RecreationQuest RewardC
Fragment RainFrostFerioreLegendaryBase RecreationChaos Chamber Boss, World DropA
HeckwaderHearthDAHLIAUncommonBase RecreationQuest RewardC
Stay WireLightningDAHLIALegendaryBase RecreationWorld DropS
Oil and SpiceHearthDAHLIALegendaryGlutton’s Gamble DLCImelda, DLC World DropA
ShadowfireHearth, Darkish MagicFerioreLegendaryBase RecreationMike, World DropB
Throwable GapDarkish MagicFerioreLegendaryBase RecreationChaos MerchandiseA
White RiderPoisonDAHLIALegendaryBase RecreationWastard, World DropA
Wizard’s PipeAny Component besides KineticHyperiusLegendaryBase RecreationParasite, World DropA

S Tier Submachine Weapons

Even after some nerfs and fixes, Stay Wire nonetheless beats the competitors.

A Tier Submachine Weapons

  • Fragment Rain
  • Oil and Spice
  • Throwable Gap
  • White Rider
  • Wizard’s Pipe

B Tier Submachine Weapons

  • Blazing Volley
  • Borea’s Breath
  • Shadowfire

C Tier Submachine Weapons

  • Dry’l’s Legacy
  • Heckwader


TitleComponentProducerRarityContent materialFarm SupplyTier
Circuitous GyreAll PartsHyperiusLegendaryBase RecreationChaos MerchandiseA
CrossbladeAll Parts besides KineticBlackpowderLegendaryBase RecreationGloopathoth, World DropS
Die-VergentAll Parts besides KineticFerioreLegendaryCoiled Captors DLCDLC World DropA
Hawkin’s WrathHearthTorgueLegendaryBase RecreationChaos MerchandiseA
Final RitesFrostHyperiusUncommonBase RecreationQuest RewardC
NegotiatorKineticTorgueUncommonBase RecreationQuest RewardC
RazorPoisonBlackpowderLegendaryShattering Spectreglass DLCDLC World DropA
Purple HellionAll PartsHyperiusLegendaryBase RecreationObsidian Wyvern, Eros Wyvern, World DropA
Reign of ArrowsKineticBlackpowderLegendaryBase RecreationChaos Chamber Boss, World DropS
Stab-O-MaticKineticHyperiusLegendaryMolten Mirrors DLCDLC World DropS
SworderangAll PartsFerioreLegendaryBase RecreationMandiblon, World DropB
SwordsplosionAll PartsTorgueLegendaryBase RecreationLeChance, World DropA

S Tier Shotguns

  • Crossblade
  • Reign of Arrows
  • Stab-O-Matic

A Tier Shotguns

  • Circuitous Gyre
  • Die-Vergent
  • Hawkin’s Wrath
  • Razor
  • Purple Hellion
  • Swordsplosion

B Tier Shotguns

C Tier Shotguns

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tiny tinas wonderlands screenshot
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Sniper Rifles – Wonderlands Weapons Tier Checklist

TitleComponentProducerRarityContent materialFarm SupplyTier
Vintage GreatbowAll Parts besides KineticHyperiusLegendaryBase RecreationThrone Shadow, World DropC
CarrouserHearthBlackpowderLegendaryBase RecreationChaos Chamber Boss, World DropB
Dry’l’s FuryHearthStokerLegendaryBase RecreationDry’l, World DropA
EnvyPoisonBlackpowderLegendaryBase RecreationKing Q’urub Hullsunder, World DropA
IronsidesKineticBlackpowderUncommonBase RecreationQuest RewardC
Kao KhanAll PartsHyperiusLegendaryBase RecreationChaos Chamber Boss, World DropB
Transportable SawmillAll PartsStokerLegendaryBase RecreationChaos MerchandiseA
Skeep ProdLightningDAHLIALegendaryBase RecreationWorld DropB
TootheratorKineticHyperiusUncommonBase RecreationQuest RewardC
TrivernPoisonDAHLIALegendaryShattering Spectreglass DLCDLC World DropA

A Tier Sniper Rifles

  • Dry’l’s Fury
  • Envy
  • Transportable Sawmill
  • Trivern

B Tier Sniper Rifles

  • Carrouser
  • Kao Khan
  • Skeep Prod

C Tier Sniper Rifles

  • Vintage Greatbow
  • Ironsides
  • Tootherator


TitleComponentProducerRarityContent materialFarm SupplyTier
AnchorLightningTorgueUncommonBase RecreationQuest RewardC
Blue CakeLightningSkulduggerLegendaryBase RecreationChaos Chamber Boss, World DropB
CannonballerAll PartsTorgueLegendaryBase RecreationLeChance, World DropA
Love LeopardKineticSkulduggerUncommonBase RecreationQuest RewardB
MolemanHearthStokerEpicBase RecreationQuest RewardC
Twisted DelugeonLightningStokerLegendaryCoiled Captors DLC“Pals” the Outdated God, DLC World DropA

A Tier Launchers

  • Cannonballer
  • Twisted Delugeon

B Tier Launchers

C Tier Launchers

Wonderlands Weapons S Tier Checklist

TitleWeapon SortContent materialTier
VengeanceAssault RifleShattering Spectreglass DLCS
Liquid CoolingPistolBase RecreationS
Ruby’s SpitePistolBase RecreationS
Stay WireSubmachine GunBase RecreationS
CrossbladeShotgunBase RecreationS
Reign of ArrowsShotgunBase RecreationS
Stab-O-MaticShotgunMolten Mirrors DLCS


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