Used Car Supermarket Worsens. | Financial Countdown


In this video we will show you why the Used Car Supermarket Worsens.

As Prices In The Used Auto Market Are Falling.

We’re sure the last thing you want is to get caught up in this colossal mess.

The lack of bargains during the pandemic led to a car price bubble that is now about to collapse.

Dealers see prices plummeting in the face of changing and rapidly evolving market conditions.

In addition, many buyers who purchased their vehicles at inflated prices are now underwater on their loans.

Even Elon Musk and other big names in the sector because of their size and scope, and experts warn that financial turbulence is coming.

Vehicle prices are plummeting after nearly two and a half years of record highs as new supply begins to make its way into the market.

From 2020 to 2022, wholesale used car prices, (adjusted for seasonality, mileage and age) soared by about 88%.

Some cars have already lost 30% of their value since the peak of the bubble.

And although some highly sought-after vehicles are still priced above retail.

Used vehicles with internal combustion engines may experience a drop in demand and thus in price.

The global shortage of microchips has affected the production of new cars.

Incentives to purchase new vehicles and the switch to more fuel-efficient vehicles are among the factors contributing to the price slump in the used car market.

Consequently, the fall in used car prices means that the vast majority of consumers who bought used cars in the last two years are now underwater, owing more to the banks for those cars than they are actually worth.

Used Car Supermarket Worsens all these factors can trigger another car crisis with disastrous consequences.

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