Vici Movie Advert By BBDO Ukraine: NINJA. SAMURAI, POKEMON


The spouse grew to become a ninja, and the cat grew to become a Pokemon. What else was within the VICI movies from BBDO?

BBDO Ukraine launches three new movies highlighting the specificity of the VICI GYOZA product and telling people who it is a gastronomic dish that has nothing in frequent with dumplings.

Everybody loves dumplings. Everybody has a pack for “World Laziness Day” hidden within the freezer. Everybody loves dumplings for his or her simplicity, fast preparation time and satiety. However not everybody can admit it. Folks don’t deal with their visitors with dumplings in order that nobody can take them for lazy hosts. The person isn’t going to serve them for a romantic dinner, because it isn’t one of the best ways to beat the lady. However with VICI GYOZA it is a totally different story.


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