Video: ‘Landscapes of Change’ fantastically showcases the altering of seasons from an aerial perspective: Digital Pictures Evaluation


You’ll have heard the basic Crowded Home tune ‘4 Seasons In One Day.’ Now, there’s a video that shows the altering of all 4 seasons by means of an excellent sequence of transitions. Utilizing a Mavic 2 Professional and third-party app Litchi, Arvids Baranovs selected about 30 distinctive areas in Latvia—from winding rivers to Nationwide Parks—and put his aerial hyperlapse abilities to make use of so he might illustrate the altering of seasons.

‘The change of seasons is such a self-evident phenomenon that we take it as a right but we battle to catch it within the act. Look exterior: nature appears so static in comparison with the hectic lives we should reside. At finest, we’d discover a sudden heatwave or an surprising freeze, a violent storm or a very vibrant sundown. However the truth is nature is all the pieces however nonetheless – it’s in fixed movement altering and morphing, we simply perform on totally different timescales,’ Baranovs describes in his article for PetaPixel.

He additionally muses that the gradual altering of seasons over time is why most people are unable to acknowledge substantial threats to our planet equivalent to local weather change. Baranovs drove 1000’s of miles, returning to the identical areas all year long repeatedly so he might seize footage for example his imaginative and prescient. He recorded the precise GPS of his launch spot and the peak. Litchi is helpful for saving mission information. This enabled Baranovs to mix the identical pictures taken at totally different occasions of the yr.

As an alternative of together with a story within the video, he let the footage itself convey his message – there isn’t any clear starting or finish to nature, itself. Working only a bit over seven-and-a-half minutes the viewer is taken by means of quite a lot of areas that change from Summer time to Fall, adopted by snow, and eventually the rebirth of foliage that alerts Spring has arrived.

Baranovs additionally credit the phrases of French thinker Henri Bergson (1859–1941) as inspiration for the video, particularly ‘The Notion of Change’ (‘La notion du changement’).

Change is absolute and radical: it has no help. We’re misled by sight, which is simply the avant-garde for contact: it prepares us for motion. But when we change to listening to a melody, we have now a greater sense of indivisible change, though we nonetheless do generally tend to listen to a sequence of notes. That is due both to our considering of the discontinuous sequence of efforts wanted to sing the melody, or as a result of we see the notes on the conductor’s script. But when we come again to sight and take into consideration what science teaches us, we see how matter is dissolved into motion, how there aren’t any issues that transfer, however solely modifications within the rhythms of movement. Nowhere will we see this “substantiality of change” higher than in our internal life. We’re misled by considering of a sequence of invariable states with an unchanging ego for help, like actors passing over a stage. However there isn’t any underlying thing-ego that modifications. All we’re is a melody; that is our length (interfused heterogeneous steady change), though we’re led by sensible curiosity to spatialize this time.’

Extra particulars explaining how Baranovs executed this undertaking may be discovered on his weblog.


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