WhatsApp historical past could be transferred from an iPhone to any telephone launching with Android 12


For a short time you’ve got been capable of switch your WhatsApp historical past from an iPhone to a Samsung gadget, and now this functionality is being prolonged to all Google Pixels too.

Not simply that, nevertheless – Google is asserting that any telephone launching with Android 12 will have the ability to do the identical. So, in a number of months, it will not be restricted to simply Samsung and Google gadgets.

WhatsApp history can be transferred from an iPhone to any phone launching with Android 12

The switch works in a slightly easy method. Take the Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Professional. All you want is a Lightning to USB-C cable. You join your Pixel to your iPhone with it, after which, when prompted in the course of the preliminary setup of the Pixel, you scan a QR code in your iPhone to launch WhatsApp and transfer your entire conversations, media, and extra to your Pixel.

The information securely travels between the telephones. Google says it is labored intently with WhatsApp to make sure that it stays protected and nobody else can ever entry your info and recordsdata. The chat historical past will merely be copied over from the iPhone to the Pixel, and whereas the switch is in progress the iPhone will lose the power to obtain new messages from that time ahead.



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