Why Building Trust Starts with a Digital Agency Team Page


In that digital age, trust is the currency of online interactions. Like you wouldn’t hand your car keys to a stranger, potential clients are hesitant to entrust their brand to an agency they don’t know. That’s where a stellar team page comes in.

Studies show that 83% of consumers need to trust a company before they even consider doing business with it. That same principle applies to digital agencies. Building a strong team page on your website isn’t just about filling space – it’s the foundation for establishing trust and putting potential clients at ease. 

After all, you’re not just selling services (or products in case you have), you’re selling the expertise of the people behind your digital agency.

Does a Generic About Us Page Work? 

A generic About Us page, to be sure, provides basic info about your digital marketing agency, but it fails to capitalize on the value proposition you offer. 

Wait a minute, what do we refer to by saying generic about us page? Here is an example:


As you can see, it’s also obvious that this one-size-fits-all approach misses a golden opportunity to build trust and connect with potential clients.

For a digital marketing agency, showcasing the human element behind the services offered is crucial (we’ll focus on it soon). In other words, a well-built team page allows you to put faces to names, highlight the expertise of your team members, and demonstrate a collaborative spirit.

On the other hand, a “traditional” About Us or Our Team page is often text-heavy and fails to capture attention. This approach leaves potential clients with little reason to choose your agency over any other platform. A well-built team page, however, becomes a powerful marketing tool.  

By incorporating multimedia elements like team member videos, highlighting diverse skill sets, and showcasing achievements with client testimonials, you can create an engaging experience that attracts clients seeking their agency fit.

Let’s be more specific.

What Makes a Great Team Page? 

The answer to that question is simple: A great team page for a digital marketing agency should achieve two things, build trust and credibility with potential clients, and showcase the talent and expertise of your team. And a little bit of humor may be:


One of the ingredients of a well built agency team page is to go beyond listing names & titles. Highlighting each team member’s experience and certifications with engaging bios is also important. 

Other suggestions? Keep reading. 

The Power of Human Connection: People Do Business with People

In general, team pages listed names, titles, and maybe a short bio. That kind of traditional approach fails to capture the soul of your team – the people behind the expertise. 

Message from our CEO, fun facts, favorite marketing quotes, or candid team photos create a sense of approachability and authenticity. Take a quick look at one of our member agencies, Arnold Street Media’s team page: 


By showcasing their personalities and quirks, you tap into the “People Do Business with People” principle. At the end of the day, when potential clients see your team as relatable individuals they can connect with, they’re more likely to trust your agency and feel comfortable working with you. 

Another “great team page image” example comes from another member agency, Harrison Carlos:


We also know that potential clients would like to imagine themselves working alongside your team. So real photos of your team members (professional matching photoshoots are the best) create a sense of trust and connection that a simple list of titles can’t achieve.

Social Proof and the Power of Recommendation

Another great team page ingredient is testimonials. Even though they are a classic marketing tactic for a reason, leverage the power of human connection – the idea that people trust recommendations from others, especially from people who seem similar to themselves.

What’s more, when potential clients see positive quotes from past clients about their experience working with specific team members, it adds social proof.

Avoiding Generic Stock Photos: Real Faces Foster Trust

As you already know, stock photos are very good marketing tools, however, they can be also staged and inauthentic on some occasions. They don’t reflect the real people who make up your team. Additionally, they are used by numerous other agencies; so, Using real photos of your team sets you apart. It allows potential clients to put a face to a name and remember your digital agency for the right reasons.


The best part? By using professional headshots or candid team photos, you showcase the genuine personalities behind the expertise. This authenticity, it’s true, fosters trust with potential clients.


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Common Team Page Mistakes to Avoid

We’ve already stated that creating a stellar team page is an investment in your digital marketing agency’s success. It showcases your talent, builds trust with potential clients, and can even attract recruits. However, just like any marketing tool, there are pitfalls to avoid.

In the following section, we’ll list some team page mistakes and offer solutions to ensure yours shines. 

One-size-fits-all Bios

No doubt that team bios filled with just titles and responsibilities create distance between visitors and your agency. By showcasing personalities, interests, and even a touch of humor, you allow prospects to see the people behind the expertise. And, yes, this builds trust and rapport, making them feel more comfortable choosing your agency.

Take one of our member agencies The Charles as a good example. Instead of adding just titles and names, the agency shares the story of the founders alongside a real and candid photo of them. 


Outdated Information

Outdated information is a big pitfall for a team page. Inaccurate details & outdated info on team member roles, experience, or certifications suggest a lack of professionalism. 

It can also create a stale impression, making potential clients wonder if your agency itself is behind the times. So, by keeping your team page info fresh and accurate, you present a professional image and ensure clients understand the talented team they’d be working with.

No Contact Information

A simple question: If a prospect can’t even reach you out for a basic query, how confident can they feel about entrusting their marketing needs to your agency? 

As you see, with no contact info, your prospects might abandon the ship and explore other agencies with more open communication channels. And, of course, this can lead to missed opportunities and lost business. It also means all your lead-generation efforts via your website do not work. 

Due to these reasons, we recommend you include a clear and easy-to-find contact form allowing your visitors to reach you in minutes. In addition to including an easy-to-find contact form, you can also enrich that form with a real photo and name as one of our members, Evolut, did:


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