X Adds Elements to Communities as Group Engagement Continues To Rise


With engagement in X Communities on the rise, the platform formerly known as Twitter has today previewed some coming Community features, which are designed to help maximize usage, and facilitate simplified management for group admins.

First off, X is looking to add new analytics for communities, in order to give admins more direction as to what’s generating the most interest, and how they can grow their groups.

Analytics are already available in most group options on other apps, and the addition of more usage and engagement data on X will help group managers focus on the right elements to help boost interaction and engagement.

X is also looking to add Community-specific Spaces chats, so you can enhance your group engagement, while it’s also developing improved moderator tools to assist in management. That will also include updated reporting and spam controls, which X previewed last year.

The latest updates will expand on X’s other recent additions to Communities, including recommendations for Communities that you might be interested in, improved in-group search, and highlights from new Communities that are trending within the “Communities” tab.

X Communities discovery

While it has been around since 2021, Communities is still in the fairly early stages of development, with the Elon Musk takeover disrupting some Communities projects due to staff turnover and other shifts.

But Musk and Co. have since honed in on Communities as a key growth opportunity, and their changes and updates to X’s group option thus far have yielded positive results.

X reported back in March that time spent on Communities has grown 600% in the past year, while there are now over 350,000 communities on X, and around 650,000 community posts created daily.

Which seems like crazy high growth, especially considering that X hasn’t added any new users in that time. But this is what Musk and Co. are claiming, and with no way to prove or disprove such stats, we have to assume that this is correct.

Which would explain why X now sees Communities as a critical focus, and these new additions will provide more capacity for admins to build their groups, and expand on Communities use.

You can read X’s latest Communities overview here.