YouTube Adds Simplified Ad Campaign Creation Within YouTube Studio


YouTube’s making it easier to promote your videos, with a new, simplified ad campaign set-up option available within YouTube Studio itself, as opposed to the more advanced ad setup via Google Ads.

YouTube Promotions

As you can see in this example, in the “Promotions” tab in YouTube Studio, you can now launch a campaign to boost the reach of any of your uploaded clips, via simplified set-up and targeting options.

YouTube Promotions

(Note that “Website visits” is not available as an option as yet, but will be coming soon.)

YouTube Promotions are available for all channels which meet the requirements for “Advanced” features and have more than 1,000 subscribers. 

As explained by YouTube:

“Creators have used promotions to grow views and subscribers faster, get more views on content where they showcase a product or service, with a goal of increasing sales, or to reach a specific audience, such as a new country. Promotions are in addition to your channel’s organic reach and discovery on YouTube, and as such, any subscriber or watch time gains from ads won’t count towards your YouTube Partner program eligibility.”

It could be a good way to give your YouTube clips a boost, which is basically what this is, Facebook’s “Boost” options on posts, but for YouTube clips instead.

So, next time you have a clip that’s gaining traction, you’ll now be able to simply tap over and put ad spend behind it to see what results you get. And if it performs well, you can easily increase your ad budget, and get more eyeballs on your content.

It seems like an easy win for YouTube, and you can imagine that a lot of creators will try it out.

YouTube says that the option is now available to all creators on desktop, while it’s also in testing with some creators in the mobile app.