Yugioh Grasp Duel Meta Deck Information – Drytron


Final Up to date:

The Yugioh Grasp Duel meta is a various one at the moment. However for many who need to get to the highest ranks of aggressive play with no expertise, it may be troublesome. Nicely don’t fear, these guides will take you thru Grasp Duels greatest decks, their objectives, combos, and what you ought to be seeing on the finish of your turns.

The kind of card in a deck might be damaged down into a couple of classes:

Searcher – This card enables you to search your deck for an additional card

Extender – This card will particular summon itself or one other card

Starter – A card that can start your combo

Interrupter – A card that permits for interplay in your opponent’s flip, be this negate, destroy, or return a card to the hand.

Finisher – A card meant to complete up video games by attacking

Drytron & Ritual Fairies

A deck that can not be stopped. At the moment probably the greatest decks and with good cause. This deck can play by 3 to 4 items of interruption and nonetheless finish on a board of unimaginable playing cards, a number of negates, and assets to go once more subsequent flip.


A brand new and distinctive ritual summoning archetype that summons based mostly on the assault of the monsters not ranges like traditional ritual monsters. Every Drytron predominant deck monster has 2000 assault, is degree 1, and can’t be regular summoned.

They are often particular summoned out of your hand or graveyard by tributing a Drytron or ritual monster. You will notice why using the phrase tribute is essential later. Every Drytron additionally has a singular impact to increase your combos however we are able to get into that later.


A wierd assortment of archetypes, the ritual Fairies had been the important thing to breaking this deck. Cyber Angels and Heralds are the 2 archetypes that make up the Ritual fairy portion of this deck. These playing cards are nice at getting your assets again for making these environment friendly performs and retaining your hand stocked with playing cards.

The Heralds are playing cards which are highly effective negators. Every card can negate some form of card your opponent has usually at a excessive value. However with Drytron and the Cyber angels this isn’t an issue.

The Synergy

Cyber Angel Benten is a degree 6, gentle fairy, Ritual monster that when it’s Tributed you possibly can seek for one other Mild fairy monster. This implies tributing by any means together with for the impact of a Drytron monster. Additionally, you possibly can simply add one other Benten with Benten’s impact, making the impact to summon a Drytron successfully free. This preliminary connection between this card and the Drytron archetype is what let Drytron rapidly snowball into the powerhouse it’s right now.

The Deck

Drytron playing cards

Drytron Alpha Thubin (Searcher)

Drytron Zeta Aldhibah (Searcher)

Drytron Gamma Eltanin (Extender)

Drytron Delta Altais (Extender)

Drytron Meteonis Draconids (Finisher/ Interuppter )

Predominant deck


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